February 2014

By   February 28, 2014

Stormhold Baronial Officers’ meeting, February 24th, 2014

Nicholas B, Josh Torrance, Sara Van Den Hove, Heather, Jeanette Auer, Margie of Glen More, Doug Aglin, Lorraine McDonald, Miriam Staples, Craig Cody, Rachel Grimmer, Irina Lubomirska, James Fritz, Becca Andrews, Tam Hovenga, Steve Roglance, Fiona Anderson, Laurence Irvine.

Meeting open 7.41

Baronial Succession;
Applications for candidacy are now open, close 7th March, then commentary period open until the 23rd of March.

We have a steward and feastocrat for invest, Becca Andrews, and Sara Van Den Hove.
Need to find a hall ASAP.
Proposed dates; 31st May, 14th, 21st, 28th June.

Event Definitions and Approvals
Discussion of what counts as an event, there were many differing opinions. Going to find out what kingdom seneschal defined it as, and use that.

Social Media and Website Policy
There are problems with Stormlist, many people not on it, not getting messages, a lot of official events and notices not being sent through this channel.

We should set up profiles for Stormhold’s B&B and Seneschal.
A lot of the issues we’ve been having on facebook, are covered by the SCA’s Social Media policy.

There are problems with the website, it’s not being updated, as everyone is using facebook, but any newcomers that don’t have facebook don’t have a port of call for finding information, and hooking in with the group.

Actions – Rename current group as ‘discussion group’, ‘page’
– B&B, Seneschal, Webmaster, and Chronicler, to become admins for all stormhold & affiliated groups.

Knight School in Aug/Sep
Put off to next meeting.

Chess Challenge recap
25 bookings
72 attendees.
Some Newbies. 😀
Profit $248.00.
Ok for next year.

wants a deputy
lots of money coming in and out, current balance of $14,732.82
Need to get back to having a community account, as current interest rate is .001% (.01%?), and bank fees at $88
Deputy is picking up the system, and will be taking over at midwinter invest.
We paid $810 in Non Member fees this year.
Some people have come off accounts
Heavy Marshal
Needs replacement ASAP
Rapier Marshal
May have the loaner swords 799.74
Wednesday is continuing, moving back to Carlton Hall soonish.
The extended hours are working
Needs replacement ASAP
Up to date with paperwork
No problems
Non-member stuff needs to be separate.
Needs replacement
Interim stormscroll
No injuries
Americans are being weird, may not impact Aus rules.
Keeps happening, doing good work.
Still happening, needs replacement.
Jeanette Volunteers to begin training as deputy.
Needs Lorix;s contacts for Baronial championship. With $200.00 provisional budget.
Still works, change of (not written down, maybe you have notes?)
Canton of Cairnfell
Closing mailing list
Fighter practice every second Tuesday
Having a ‘non-official event’  probably should be an official event
General business
Motion to pay for the rapier swords – Heather, seconded Karen, motion passed.

Meeting is closed at 8.45 pm.