January 2014

By   January 29, 2014

January 2014 Stormhold Baronial Officers’ meeting

27 January 2014 Start 7:40pm


Miriam Staples, Craig Cody, Genevieve Cody, Lorraine McDonald, Doug Aplin, Lara Mucha, Gindi, Estel Talroval, Antoinette Stryk, Rohan, Thorfinn.
Apologies: Heather & James Fritz- Hammond, Irina Lubomirska.


  • Miriam Staples has been appointed the new Seneschal of Stormhold, with commentary period finishing tonight (27/01/2014). Easily contacted by email onmiriam.staples@gmail.com or mobile phone as we have no landline yet.0403 670 399
  • Phoenix Rise – The bid before they re-apply. for proposed canton has failed. They were told to be given at least one year
  • Rapier Hall & times – Gindi had a meeting for those who attend Tuesday & Wednesday rapier training. They are looking to merge the two training sessions onto Wednesday nights, to start from 7 and finish at 10:30pm. Gindi will enter into negotiations with them on costs but he is interested in a “subscription” for users of the hall to pay, instead of relying on donations.
    Gindi is also proposing to purchase two rapier swords, to be kept safely with his other blades. The place of purchase is Darkwood Armoury, with the cost $300 per sword plus extra for shipping. Doug Aplin seconded. Passed without dissent.
    Gindi proposed increasing the hall hours, Doug Aplin seconded. Passed without dissent.
  • Sir Wolfram has held the position of Rapier Marshal for a very long time and needs a deputy to replace his soon. He will be putting an ad in Stormscroll. Miriam will put an ad on Stormlist.
  • Clifton Hill hall – There has been some interest in reviving the dance practice on Thursday nights.
    The hall had not been cancelled yet. Possibly increasing the attendance will come if it happened fortnightly instead. Miriam suggested that we trial fortnightly for three months. If there is no change then definitely shutting it down. Miriam will also advise the St Monica’s list that dance will be happening. The dates in Feb would be the 6th & 20th.
  • Auburn Rd Quarry Pavilion-toilet door key – Steven at Boroondara Council will be giving Miriam a copy of the key.
  • Event bids for March 22, 2014 – There have been three event bids for the date of March 22nd.
    • The first event bid is from Antoinette Stryk. Proposed theme is Greek Olympics. Games with adults & kids with a heavy tourney. There is a possibility of two sites, but the Saxby Park site has been chosen. Both walking distance from Darling Station. Numbers 60-70 but since the Twilight Tourney is on the night before, the numbers will be down.
    • Second bid is from the Eastern group. A Viking themed event. Heavy Tourney with 3 Arts and Science competitions. Unfortunately the kitchen facilities at the hall is limited, so the event would be capped at 40 people.
    • Third bid from the Canton of Cairnfell. Equestrian followed by heavy tourney at Ava & Hrothgar’s farm. Feast at a hall down the road (twenty minute walk).

    ​All events sound wonderful. The cap would not be a good thing, as it is meant to be a Royal Visit from King Alfar on that date. It possible that Ballarat would be too far for Their Maj’s to travel to.
    Genevieve proposes that Antoinette be given approval, Estel seconds. Passed without dissent.
    Everyone agrees that the events should run later in the year.

  • Bid for Bal d’argent – Miriam will be putting a call out for those interested to put a bid together. This should encourage those interested in dancing to come forward. Estel has shown interest in being a teacher co-ordinator, and Irina in the booking officer. Miriam will put it out on the lists.
  • Antoinette is organising a Knight School for Stormhold either the 16th Aug or 13th Sept. She is looking into Riddells Creek, but was recommended Nyoka Park, Sth Morang. May be cheaper. September is also a better time of year.


  • Seneschal – see above.
  • Reeve – Apologies as she is away on holidays. The current balance is $14,727.90. Only one item outstanding from Nov Crown.
  • Heavy marshal – training is happening. No incidents.
  • Constable – Needs to update details on the Stormhold website.
  • Chronicler – Had a severe attack of life, but has returned to normal now. Currently asking for items for the next edition of Stormscroll.
  • Chirurgeon – apologies.
  • Herald – Apologies. Monday night is still happening.
  • Lists – Apologies. Still needs a deputy.
  • A&S – Apologies.
  • Web – mostly working.
  • Canton of Cairnfell – They would love some visitors!

General business

  • William Marshal will be run in the same way as the last four years if there is no other bid.

Meeting closes 8:42pm.