September 2013

By   September 29, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 23rd September 2013: Opened 7.37pm

Present: Rachel Grimmer, Miriam Staples, Becca Andrews, Cecilia Quirk, Sven, Lalita Tanner, Steve Roylance, Rosalind Mearns, James Fritz-Hammond, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Maeve, Chris Anderson, Gindi (late)

Absent with Apology: Simon Hoad

Outstanding Business

Friday Night Hall Heather Fritz-Hammond – Motion to continue Stormhold’s payment of the Friday Night Eastern Training hall through to June 2014 on the following conditions being met:

-The lease renewal paperwork be sent to the Seneschal for signing

-An invoice from the hall owner detailing the amount owed and the date it is due be sent to the Reeve

The following requests were also made:

-The Barony asks the Eastern Training group to look for a cheaper venue

-The Barony asks the Eastern Training group not to run sessions on nights that will conflict with Krae Glas’ Summer Twilight Tourney Series

Seconded by Miriam Staples

Passed without dissent

Seneschal to send this information to Rioghan of saarlands with a request for the contact details of the nominal seneschal of the Eastern group to clearly define the lines of communication between the Baronial officers and those attending the Eastern training into the future

Monday Night Hall The Barony has received an invoice for payment for the use of the Monday night hall for the 2013 calendar year. The price of the invoice sets the cost of each training session at approximately $15.20. This is currently being covered by the donations received.

Rachel Grimmer – Motion to keep the Monday Night hall running under the current arrangement.

Seconded by Miriam Staples

Passed without dissent

Thursday Night Hall Miriam Staples – The Thursday night hall has consistently not been covering its cost ($34 per use). It also suffers from fluctuating attendance numbers.

Heather Fritz-Hammond – Motion to pay for the Thursday night hall until the end of the year. Notice will be sent to the hall in December informing them of our wish not to continue with our lease. (We don’t use the hall in January but the hall owners know this.)

Seconded by Becca Andrews

Passed without dissent

Options for continuing dancing without the Thursday night hall to be discussed at the next meeting.

Heather Fritz-Hammond to investigate purchasing a roll of vinyl to cover the floor of the Monday night hall to protect the floor and allow for dancing at this venue.

Brainstorming Antonia/Rachel Grimmer – Brainstorming session approved as an official event for the 19th October to be held at the Monday night training hall in Clifton Hill.

Karen Brown is organising the extra booking for the hall.

The aim of the event is to generate ideas and not to make decisions on the future direction of the Barony.

After this brainstorming event a formal decision-making meeting will be held.

New equipment Antonia/Rachel Grimmer – discussion reserved for next meeting

November Crown Hanbal/Simon Hoad not in attendance to report progress

Currently 114 booked, 60 dorm, 47 camping, remaining off site, camping or yet to determine.

Large number unpaid at the moment.

Timeline Faire Eleanora/Fiona Anderson not in attendance to report progress

Antonia not able to attend Faire. Eleanora has been informed of this.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal Based on the last report to Kingdom, Kingdom Seneschal has enquired as to the viability of the College of St Bartholomew.

Comment raised that if the current seneschal of St Barts, Gindi, is able to keep a weekly fencing session running then Stormhold needs to identify these people and work out why they are not SCA members.

Agreed that Seneschal will speak to Gindi on this matter (see below)

Reeve Current balance as of 23/9 is $19,075.61

Seneschal to become signatory of the account (as agreed at last meeting)

Marshal Heavy – Not here

Rapier – Marshal now owns a drop tester (safety equipment)

Archery – Not here

Herald Not here

Arts & Sciences Mistress Lorix of Ynys Fawr and company won the A&S Championship last Monthly Bash

November Crown stuff is being plotted. More details to come.

Constable Not here

Rachel Grimmer – Sir Brennan has expressed interest in becoming deputy constable. Janet Coath is also happy to take on the role. Changeover date still to be organised.

Hospitallier vacant

Chronicler Stormscroll is being published. Always looking for more articles.

Web working

Note – Lochac website has been problematic for most of this month (but this is not our problem to solve)

Lists Not here

Chirurgeon Not here

College of Saint Bartholomew Gindi – (Upon questioning from Seneschal) The College is effectively dormant at the moment. In order to run anything the college needs to be sponsored by Stormhold.

Tuesday night rapier training session is run as Stormhold supporting the college. The hall is paid for by Melbourne University. An email needs to be sent to renew this lease.

Gindi’s recommendation is that St Bart’s is dormant. This will not affect the Tuesday night training session as, as far as Melbourne University is concerned, as long as the group holds an AGM each academic year the University club can remain active.

The Seneschal is to email the St Bart’s mailing list to inform the remaining members of this intention to declare the college officially dormant.

Canton of Cairn Fell Seneschalship to be handed over to Valdemar

Otherwise, canton is still running

General Business:

Antonia/Rachel Grimmer Bought an iron for the Monday night training hall. $9 to be reimbursed.

Bought blue leather which will be available for anyone to use on Baronial projects. $50 to be reimbursed.

Antonia to email list about this.

Heather Fritz-Hammond Requests that a photograph of each sign-in sheet, indemnity sheet and donations be taken at every training session and event. These can then be forwarded onto the Constable for storage. This request is made to ensure there is more than one copy (and one electronic version) of each document.

Seneschal to email Stormlist about this.

Meeting Closed 8.32pm