August 2013

By   August 29, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 26th August 2013: Opened 7.47pm

Present: Rosalind Mearns, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz-Hammond, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Janet Coath, Simon Hoad, Judith Gray, Gindi (late), Craig Adams

Absent with Apology: Rachel Grimmer

Outstanding Business

Facebook – thank you from Baroness Antonia (Rachel Grimmer) for behaving courteously on this unofficial forum of the Barony.

Friday night training on webpage – on behalf of Baroness Antonia – this training session has now been added to the webpage.

New equipment – on behalf of Baroness Antonia – Aeddyn has agreed to make pack-down bench seats to replace the ones used at monthly bash, and he is going to submit a costing. I suggest we make 2-3 and paint them the same blue as the wagon, that way we can spruce up the wagon at the same time. I need to talk to Charles du Bois about what sort of paint it was but we’d be looking at about $87 for a 4L tin of acrylic (Dulux Weathershield) and $97 for enamel (Dulux Super Enamel) plus appropriate primer/undercoat (similar cost and quantity).

Some questions as to why the chairs would be painted when it would be more accurate to varnish or coat in beeswax to waterproof.

As Antonia was absent from the meeting these questions could not be answered. It was decided that further discussion would be left until Antonia could attend and explain her proposal fully.

November Crown – Baron Hanbal (Simon Hoad) – There will be no live streaming of the Crown Tournament.

101 booked (70 budgeted as the break-even point in costings)

Still looking for a replacement cook but there has been some interest from two people.

Plans to start painting banners on Monday night in preparation for the event.

Timeline Faire Tender – Eleanora – not present so item deferred to next meeting

3-monthly casual event – Rosalind – noted that it is not a casual event, it is an official event, so the name should be changed to something else.

Question of whether or not a hall was needed for such an event was raised.

Further discussion postponed until next meeting when Antonia could be present.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal Officers’ reports are due

Reeve $17,030.01 in bank account as of 31/7/13.

Eastern training hall – $76 deposited over three weeks with out lay of $150.

Motion to change Gill out of signatories and add Rosalind Mearns and Miriam Staples (Seneschal and Deputy Seneschal). Janet Coath seconded. Passed without dissent.

Marshal Heavy Not here

Rapier No rapier at Bash.

New beginners course started last week – being run by Gilbert (Gindi)

Sunday rapier training to be taken off the calendar due to lack of attendance.

Archery Not here

Herald Not here

Arts & Sciences Still sorting out A&S email address

Mystery box judging is coming up next month

Antonia’s casual (unofficial) research event being floated on facebook to gauge support.

Miriam Staples has information and things happening on Middle Eastern Guild list.

Constable Not here

Janet Coath to consider taking on the role

Hospitallier Not here

Chronicler Not here

Web New editor for events page on website

Lochac is currently undergoing a kingdom-wide revision of webpages for all groups with the aim of increasing consistency between groups.

Lists Not here

Chirurgeon No injuries to report

College of Saint Bartholomew College continues to function. Having somewhat regular meetings on Wednesday lunchtimes recently. Tuesday rapier training continues. Have to have AGM soon. Approximately 3 people turn up to meetings regularly.

Canton of Cairn Fell Not here

General Business:

Report – Erin Wallace New member of the Barony. Is writing a report for Uni on social groups. Intends to use her interactions with the Barony as examples in this report but understands that names of individuals may only be used with permission.

Janet Coath Has example banners to demonstrate what she will be making for the Barony for November Crown, as per the last meeting.

Meeting Closed 8.43pm