July 2013

By   July 29, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 22nd July 2013 – Opened 7.30pm

Present: Rosalind Mearns, Karen Brown, Rachel Grimmer, Laura Iseman, Aine, Brodhir, Estel Talroval, Lara Mucha, Craig Adams, David Greagg, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz-Hammond, Brihannon Fritz-Hammond, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Maeve, Rebecca Andrews, Janet Coath, Josh Torrance

Absent with Apology: Rebecca Lucas

Outstanding Business

Stormhold Facebook page – Baroness Antonia Recently lots of arguments on the group page. Although not an official voice of the SCA this page is often the first point of contact for a lot of people. Requests that postings be kept to question and answer format and information giving. Also requests that if a topic is likely to cause an argument or strong opinions that it be discussed in a more private forum.

Hanbal and Irina are the admins for the Stormhold Facebook page.

Events vs. Trainings – Rosalind Mearns Tabled letter from Kingdom Seneschal explaining the difference between events and trainings so that all of Stormhold would have access to it. (This had been an issue and had prompted a heated discussion on the Facebook group page).

Repair/replacement of assorted equipment and regalia prior to November Crown – Baroness Antonia There are things that need to be fixed

More bench seats and another trestle table would be nice

To start things need to be sorted and an inventory written up. A list of priorities for repairs prior to November Crown should also be made.

Antonia will bring a quote to the next meeting of the cost of some of the repairs.

Baronial changeover/Winterfeast Karen Brown Approximately $700 profit but still unsure of exact figure as some details are yet to be finalised.

November Crown Karen Has arranged to build a pizza oven on site. This will permanently stay on site.

Timeline Faire Tender – Eleanora Tender needs to be in by end of July

Although not confirmed numbers, will put down 50 people attending each day.

Layout for SCA activities will be informal groups organising activities

Funding is available from Kryal Castle and Eleanora would like to see a zero-cost-to-members approach. However, SCA law could complicate this. Further investigation is required.

Application approved in principle. Seneschal to approve once funding/financial matters looked into.

William Marshall Thorfinn Submitted tender for William Marshall

Requested that the date for last tickets be changed to 1st December to allow for easier bookkeeping.

Tender needs to explicitly state that there is a $5 charge for non-members including children

Tournament only price is to be changed to $2.

Tender approved subject to above changes being made.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal Nothing to report

Reeve Requests booking cut off to be one week before event to allow for processing of direct deposits and catering planning.

$18,602.87 in bank account.

Paperwork for Winterfeast is almost finished.

Eastern Melbourne training hall – 25 people per Friday are attending but it is not making the $50 per session required to cover costs.

Marshal Heavy Not here

Rapier Nothing new to report

Archery Not here

Herald Not here

Arts & Sciences Position has effectively changed over, pending a final email

Constable Still looking for a deputy

Asks that we be more diligent with filling out the correct forms for events and training

Hospitallier Still looking for a deputy

In need of more storage for garb. Recommended that one large box be bought for the purpose of storing garb. Excess garb to be gotten rid of.

Chronicler Not here

Web Website – discussion on platform being used. Raised that WordPress is more user friendly but has potential security issues. Instead of changing platform Thorfinn will increase the features available when constructing an event page on the website.

Lists A tourney was held last weekend in both heavy and rapier

In need of a deputy too.

Chirurgeon Position has successfully changed over. Craig Adams is the new Chirurgeon.

There was an injury at the Invest tourney. See Marshall report for details.

College of Saint Bartholomew Nothing to report

Canton of Cairn Fell Equestrian activities are happening

Fighter practice is happening

General Business:
Suggestion Suggestion for a template booking form for events to be made up for the Stormhold website. The automation of the process will reduce problems and speed up the system.

Further investigation required.

Pennants Approval given for the spending of $120 on 4 pennants to be made by Janet Coath for November Crown

Meeting start time To continue at 7.30pm. Approved and carried unanimously

Sorting of Catering equipment This to be done after November Crown

Genna and Sara to look into the cost of knife sets, containers and big wooden spoons to add to the available equipment

Meeting Closed 8.57pm