June 2013

By   June 29, 2013

Minutes – 24th June 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 24th June 2013 – Opened 8:00pm

Rosalind Mearns, Karen Brown, Rachel Grimmer, Laura Iseman, Lucas/Dash, Aine, Brodhir, James Brown, Sandy, Rachel (Sandy’s guest), Estel Talroval, Louis McNally, Simon Hoad, Lara Mucha, Craig Adams, Darren Saunders, David Greagg, Sam Harkins, Stephen Drane, Judith Gray, Heather Fritz-Hammond (late), James Fritz-Hammond (late), Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Fiona Anderson, Maeve

Absent with Apology
Becca Andrews, Janet Coath, Ryan Quigg

Outstanding Business

Proposed training in the east Proposed hall is the Ringwood Scout Hall which can be hired for $50 per night to be paid fortnightly. This hall is available on a Friday night, 3 out of the 4 Fridays in a month. Margie will be acting as marshal. (Further details can be found in Appendix B.)
Lucas/Dash – Against Friday night as it clashes with the training session run at Monash University. Also they need to find a site where they can run it every week otherwise it is more likely to fail.
Hanbal/Simon – Friday night at Monash is not an official SCA training. It is a university-based training. Also, those likely to attend the proposed training session are not likely to attend the Monash training.
Karen – two issues – the night and the cost. Friday clashes with a current ‘practice’.
Hanbal – Clashing is not a good enough excuse to refuse. The group proposing this training session are already holding a private practice with growing numbers. A counter argument could be that the current Stormhold hall on Monday nights originally clashes with Arrowsreach’s training session.
Karen – Was it successful?
Hanbal – Possibly a Tuesday night hall would be better.
Heather – Proposes that the money received from Arrowsreach upon its collapse be used to fund this new group. However, this new group is approaching things completely backwards.
Rosalind – Agreed. They have gone to Kingdom Seneschal before me.
Lara – How many people are involved?
Rosalind – 20
Hanbal – Proposes a six month trial with it to be reviewed after six months.
Heather – Who will be the marshal?
Hanbal and Rosalind – Margie.
Karen – Six month trial is a good thing. But the night is still a problem.
Fiona/Eleanora – What happens if they don’t pay after 2-4 months?
Rosalind – The Barony pays out the difference.
Heather – Is $750 justifiable to start a new group?
Thorfinn – Why move to a hall if already running sessions at a private residence?
Hanbal – They’re being rained out. They want to make it an official event so it’s open to all.
Antonia/Rachel – Are they running any other events?
Rosalind – No.
Hanbal – The group currently wants to run an event on a Saturday every 3 months.
Heather – Possibly A&S in nature (as stated in one of their emails)
Fiona – What about the conflict between Ryan and Margie?
Rosalind – End of discussion here (otherwise it will go on all night)

Motion – Rosalind put forward a motion to grant funds for a 3 month trial at the proposed hall. A strong objection to Friday night is to be noted. Liaising with Krae Glas and Monash is to take place to see how this trial affects their members and attendance.
11 in favour, 3 against, 1 abstaining
Motion carried.
(Genna, having abstained from the vote, will not be signing the relevant paperwork. This will need to be sent to the seneschal).

Baronial changeover and Winterfeast 124 booked (including children and students)
Sunday at John Gardiner between 2 and 4pm. Liaise with incoming King as he has requested fighter classes on the Sunday. Karen to liaise with their Highnesses to sort it out.

Prep night There will be a prep night tomorrow (Tuesday 25th June) at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House from 7 to 11pm to pre-cook items for Winterfeast. All welcome.

Tournament for Winterfeast Sam, who has been organising this, will no longer be in the country for the event. Seeking a replacement. Eleanora/Fiona will take over. Currently stands as a Warlord tourney. Sam to email council to get invoice for hire of Darling Gardens before his departure. This to be sent to Genna/Heather to be paid.

November Crown Price rise coming up.

Timeline Faire Tender – Elenora to speak to Ava about equestrian activities. We need to get an idea of how many people will be attending and the cost.
Dispute over being able to accept funds for performances. Eleanora ro investigate this further.
Sandy spoke at length about this event and what Kryal Castle, the venue, would like to receive from us.
Kryal Castle is offering money for re-imbursement for performing groups at $20 per head.
Kryal Castle wants a ‘main battle’ of choreographed Vikings and Saxons, segmented into groups.
Eleanora to email Stormlist to get an idea of numbers of those keen to attend this event. She will also contact Whyte Company and other interstate groups as they will require the most funding to attend. This information and our completed tender will be brought to the next meeting to be voted on.
Karen wanted to note that the focus should be on having a good time and that recruitment should be secondary. This was in response to comments that recruitment is traditionally low at these types of events.
Discussion halted by Seneschal as was consuming too much time.

William Marshall – event bid – Antonia System for event approval has been changed. There is a new event form which requires a complete stewarding team to be entered before it can be approved.
Therfore, Antonia wanted to raise a formal call for bids for William Marshal in December.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:
Seneschal Barony over 100 members. Lochac growth at 7% last quarter, according to Kingdom Seneschal report.

Reeve $17,491.41 as of today.
Motion – Genna put forward a motion to hold funds received from Arrowsreach separately and, if this new group is successful, to transfer this money back. Currently these funds stand at $5,483.34.
Seconded by Miriam
Unanimously carried.
Ryan and Margie to be emailed in regards to this.
Genna will be stepping down as reeve as of Winterfeast 2015.

Marshal Heavy – not here
Rapier – Gindi has people turning up on both training nights.

Herald Not present

Arts & Sciences changeover – Becca, as the only applicant, will be stepping up into this role. Exact changeover date still to be determined but it will be on or before Winterfeast.

Constable The sign in sheets have been changed to bring us back in-line with SCA policy. Everyone must sign in every week.
Position of Constable is to be re-advertised as Sam’s departure and Brodhir’s desire to step down will leave the position vacant.

Hospitallier Still looking for replacement. Will continue to do job until one is found. There is the possibility of leaving this position vacant.

Chronicler Not present

Web Working. No upgrades needed.

Lists 12 fighters at Monthly Bash with 12 weapon combinations.
In need of a new deputy as Sam is departing. Eleanora will advertise this.

Chirurgeon changeover to take place at Midwinter. Craig to take on role. Estel to remain as deputy.

College of Saint Bartholomew Not present

Canton of Cairn Fell Equestrian training was run on the weekend. Ava is intending to run another soon.
21 people at the last monthly meeting (including children)
Cairnfell calendar is now updating properly.

General Business:

Stronger Kingdom Fund Rosalind – funds still available in Stronger Kingdom Fund. Can be used to get people with specific skills to visit for classes etc.

Aine No hall donations received last week (17/6). Feedback loop so that people can see the drop in money received needs to be established.

Karen Proposes that meetings start earlier. This will allow fighters to participate and still be able to fight.
Motion put forward by Karen that next meeting start at 7.30pm
Seconded by Judith
Carried unanimously.

Louise National Bookshop Day on 10th August. Louise works at Dymocks in the city and is seeking volunteers to be part of the display. The day will run from 10-3 and the display area will be roughly 4mx4m. If Stormhold participates we will be allowed to hang banners and advertise the SCA in return for our time.
Louise will enquire through the mailing list and other forums to gauge level of interest in this and will raise this again at the next meeting for a formal decision to be made.

Meeting closed 9.20pm
Appendix A: Statements of Intention from those wanting a training session in the East

Greetings all,

So that everyone is on the same page for Monday night’s meeting I’m sending out the following information now so everyone has a chance to read it.  The below statements have been put together by those who live in the area that the new canton, proposed at the last meeting, would occupy.  These members are keen to start an official training session in the area and submit these statements as part of that agenda item.  It should be noted that the Kingdom Seneschal has ruled that no polling or formal decision will be made on this proposed canton before September 15th.  This is to account for our upcoming Baronial changeover and to allow the members within the proposed group to demonstrate their viability.  As such, I’m hoping that the Baronial meeting discussion will focus on the proposed training aspect of these statements rather than anything else.  If anyone has any questions please email me directly.


Annabelle Perrot

Statement of Intention:
Phoenix Rise
I would support Phoenix Rise as a proposed Canton of Stormhold in in the outer east of Melbourne.
I find it very difficult to regularly travel the distance in to Stormhold activities on weekdays and would like more regular access to local SCA activities.
I am very pleased to see a number of faces of SCA folk that I have known for years, and those new members which have only emerged in recent months, all enthusiastic about this new group. There is considerable experience in the membership and also those with experience in officer roles.
I can see myself taking on officer/mentoring roles within this group. There is definitely interest in martial activities and my experience as a senior marshal in Lochac will certainly be a useful adjunct to the group.
Countess Margie of Glen More, OL, OP, LCA
Statement of Intention: Phoenix Rise
Mundane name: Leigh Holland
To whom it may concern,
As a new member to the SCA I am very interested in being actively involved within it. The problem is due to the combination of work and university, as well as the distance required to attend training at Stormhold, via public transport, it is almost impossible for me to attend the Monday night trainings.
In normal circumstances this would be enough for me to give up on being an active member of the SCA. Fortunately I have found a group of people with similar interests of mine and I have high hopes of becoming the active member of the SCA that I aspire to with the support of the people here. These include a mix of both experienced and other new or aspiring members.
Given the opportunity, I believe this group will thrive and become an active hub for the SCA.
Yours Sincerely,
Leigh Holland
Statement of intention:
Phoenix Rise.
My name is Robert De Marr (AKA in mundane Robert Jamieson), I have been a member of the SCA since 2000. I love the SCA and thanks to it I have made friends, lost friends and found the love of my life and made a family.
I have also seen Arrowsreach grow and prosper and I was there to witness it’s passing, since then there has been a hole or void. Though my family and I are welcomed with open arms to stormhold, my family and I have made new friends and caught up with old ones and fought with old comrades. It just isn’t the same, it is hard to travel the distance to reach stormhold training for a young family and I do know of old members that can’t make it due to time, distance or something else. Allowing us to have a group will help bring back old players and bring some fresh life into the SCA.
I always considered Arrowsreach as a second family and I saw its members as my brothers and sisters and with Phoenix Rise I could have that family back again.
Yours In Service to the realm
Robert De Marr

It is the intent of the majority of members in our proposed postcodes (Box Hill as western border, Burwood Hwy as Southern border then North to Yea and East out to Warburton) To create a thriving and active sub-group of Stormhold within these boundaries. We understand that group formation isn’t a instant decision and nobody just clicks their fingers and it happens. Our timeline for this process is and always was, to officially be proposed Late August early Sept, then becoming Incipient within 12months and an official semi-independent group within 12 months of going Incipient. This new group has a wide spread of previous SCA activity, from triple peers to complete and utter noobs, and significant experience within a large number of officier roles (from Canton Deputies through to Kingdom level). The membership of the SCA in this area want actively to participate in all areas, currently undertaking projects from all 3 major avenues of Martial, Heraldic and A+S projects.
To this group of active but unknown participants a common thread exsists. Stormhold is just to far away to be able to attend regularly. While all are Stormholders they don’t instantly think of themselves as such as Stormhold doesn’t have activity out here that they can attend. It is their belief that the best way forward for them is as a Canton of Stormhold, so they can run events themselves.
The membership group itself is solid with 20 people already supporting the group with an active base of over a dozen members and quite a number that can only attend every couple of weeks. This is a good point to build from and from here in the short term we are looking at running weekly training/meetings with Quarterly feasts and tournaments.

(The 4 statements above are public property and permission has been given to distribute freely throughout Stormhold and the SCA.)

Appendix B: Hiring Details of Proposed Hall for Training Session in the East

…As per the discussion at Stormhold meeting regarding seeing more activity out in the East of Stormhold for those in the Barony that can’t make it into Monday nights.

We have recently found a hall at which to run a Friday night training at that is of course pending approval. It has all the modern convienences with Kitchen, toilet and storage facilities, and is located 100m from the closest train station. This hall is the 3rd Ringwood East Scout hall located at Knaith Road in Ringwood East. We would be looking to hire it from 7:30 to 10pm each week barring 4 (when the scouts use it for sleep over events). and the cost for the venue is $50 per night payable fortnightly. In and effort to not burden Stormhold with the costs for the venue Myself and Lord Muloc de Paktor are willing to donate the hire fees involved in using the hall. This means that we can still run it on the policy that members won’t have to pay to attend and non-members will only have to pay the minimum requirements.

At the moment as we don’t have a local marshal the hall would be used for general get togethers to design Garb talk Heraldry, and other SCA related activities.

Terri, the scout leader, has already sent me a copy of the paperwork that would need to be signed shouild approval be given. If we are given the go ahead, we just need to return that to her along with a copy of our public Liability Insurance.