May 2013

By   May 29, 2013

Minutes : Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 27th May 2013 – Opened 8:00pm

Rosalind Mearns, Rachel Grimmer, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Fiona Anderson, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Lara Mucha, Sam Harkins, James Fritz-Hammond, Simon Hoad, Judith Gray, Ryan Quigg, Stephanie Ims, Helen, Janet Coath, Estel Talroval, Louise, Craig Cody

Absent with Apology
Stephen Drane

Outstanding Business
Ryan Quigg Proposed Canton in area similar to the former Shire of Arrowsreach which folded last year. Requested Stormhold to sponsor this venture.
Question asked if there were any SCA activities currently happening in that area. Ryan said yes but they weren’t official. He also explained that there was an issue with getting Marshalls in order to run an approved training session.
It was requested that any activities happening in the area be advertised using the conventional methods (mailing list, Stormscroll etc.) so that the populace could be made aware of these and attend if they wanted to. Also requested that any activities be made official SCA activities.
Agreed by those present that more official SCA activities need to be seen in the proposed Canton region before approval of the proposed group will be considered. Also agreed that no decision will be made until after the Baronial changeover in July. No vote was taken as there was no voiced dissent to this agreement and so it was deemed unnecessary.

Hart of Winter Steward not present to comment on event. No report received of profit/loss on event.

June A&S Championship Miriam and Waldo (last year’s winners) will have the mystery packages prepared for June Bash. There will be approximately 15 of them available.
A link will be placed on the Stormhold website with details of the competition.
This year’s winner will make up new packs for the following year, if this activity continues.

Baronial poll/Baronial changeover Antonia Di Lorenzo (Rachel Grimmer) has been approved by their Majesties as the next Baroness of Stormhold. She will be undertaking this position without a partner. The decision of their Majesties was based upon a confidential poll and feedback from the Stormhold populace. The changeover will take place on July 13th 2013.

Winterfeast 48 bookings to date.
Menu sorted, waiting on approval from Fitzroy Town Hall before further action can be taken.
Table decorations also sorted with two people allocated for their set up as Antonia will not be available to oversee this due to her stepping up into the role of Baroness.
Karen (the Steward) not present to give further details.

Tournament for Winterfeast Sam Harkins proposed running a tournament at Darling Gardens during the day on the Saturday of Winterfeast. The cost of hiring this area is $150 for the day.
Heather forwarded a motion that the $150 hire cost be approved on the condition that it becomes part of the event cost for Winterfeast. Seconded by Judith Gray. Passed Unanimously.
(This motion means that there will be no charge for attending the tournament and non-SCA members will not be charged two non-member insurance fees in the one day. [The appropriate indemnity and attendance forms will still need to be filled out.])
Sam is to get an invoice from the Collingwood Council for the use of Darling Gardens and forward this onto Heather for payment.
Their Highnesses have also requested that there be some form of combat activity on the Sunday following Baronial Changeover. Stormhold already pays for the use of John Gardiner Reserve in Hawthorn every Sunday. (4hrs for the first Sunday of the month when we hold Bash and 2hrs every other week.) It was proposed that a training day be held during this two hour block to meet the royal request. Sam Harkins is to organise it. Sam is to send an email to Heather confirming the timing of this training session so she can contact the owners of John Gardiner reserve and inform them of our presence, as a courtesy.

November Crown The dates for Timeline Festival, being hosted by Kryal Castle in Ballarat, have been announced as the 23rd and 24th November 2013. This places it two weeks after November Crown and two weeks before William Marshall.
Attendance at Timeline for re-enactment groups is being done by tender and submissions are open until July 31st 2013. A blank copy of the application form was handed around for people to view.
It was proposed that informing the Abbotsford household about this event would be a good course of action as they own the most impressive kit and have a large number of members. There were no senior members of the Abbotsford household present at the meeting so it was a agreed that an email be sent and this item to be re-tabled at the next meeting.
It was also agreed that an email be sent to Stormlist advertising it as an issue to be discussed at the next meeting.

Event Proposal – Miriam Miriam has been talking to Sir Berenger about his annual Knight School event. Berenger has expressed interest in running this event in Stormhold next year. The event usually runs somewhere around August and September and Berenger would like to maintain this for consistencies sake. Miriam would like to assist Berenger in his proposal and is seeking permission to investigate this further.
Miriam would like to approach the Rowany senate to gain funding for travel money to allow people to attend the event.
Miriam would also like to propose a feast be run on one evening of the event.
Approval to investigate this further was granted with a vote to be taken at a later date once a formal bid has been put together.

Margaret Rowe-Keys Seneschal has been contacted by a lady called Margaret Rowe-Keys requesting fundraising assistance for the publication of her new book on the Middle Ages. It was agreed that this was no something Stormhold wanted to engage with as sponsoring commercial ventures was not in line with our activities as a community group. Janet expressed interest in assisting Ms Rowe-Keys with distributing advertising fliers if the lady was willing to pay Janet for her time. It was agreed that an email be sent to Ms Rowe-Keys to inform her of our decision and to determine whether she wanted to accept Janet’s offer of paid assistance.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:
Seneschal Nothing to report [that hasn’t already been mentioned].

Reeve Current bank balance is $15,539.34
However, this is being padded by the incoming payments for Winterfeast and November Crown. Expected that this will drop sharply when payments for the storage facility and Winterfeast expenses are paid.

Marshal Heavy Craig Cody has returned as Knight Marshall of Stormhold after a few months absence due to a new baby. He is happy to stay on in the role and doesn’t foresee another absence.
Rapier Gindi has started a Wednesday night rapier training at a scout hall in Carlton. So far attended by 4-6 people. Rapier tournaments will be held at Bash if and when there are the numbers.

Herald Not present
An email to be sent by the seneschal requesting last report.

Arts & Sciences Antonia will be stepping down from this office due to her election as the next Baroness of Stormhold. Becca Andrews, her deputy, has expressed interest in taking on the role temporarily until a new officer can be found.
Antonia will advertise the position and a decision on this office will be made at the next meeting.

Constable Not present
Sam Harkins has put himself forward as a replacement for Brodhir. Sam will take on the role of deputy until Winterfeast where he will step up into the full Constable role.
Seneschal proposed that a formal vote be taken on this appointment due to problems with other members Sam has had in his former Barony of Rowany. However, group was happy for Sam to step into the role without a formal vote being taken and Heather wished it to be noted that it would be a disservice to Sam to introduce an irregularity into the appointment process. Given this, the appointment was approved with the formal changeover still to take place.
Sam also wished it to be noted that due to a recent change in sign-in rules that there would be new sign-in forms at training next week to comply with this change.

Hospitallier Not present
Antonia, who has been working with our hospitallier, Aine, said that if anyone has time they can help with creating more new loaner garb.
Aine is still looking for a replacement and it was agreed that this should be re-advertised.
It was also agreed that an email be sent to Aine explaining that any hospit gear in her possession can be moved to the storage facility so that it is not her responsibility whilst the Barony is looking for a replacement.

Chronicler Not present
As per last meeting, Alliette was contacted to enquire whether she is happy to stay on in the role of Chronicler. She has expressed to the Seneschal that she is happy to do so.
Stormscroll continues to be published.

Web Website is working
Login access can be granted to those that want it by contacting Throfinn.
Steph Ims requested that she be removed as the contact for the College of St Bartholomew as she is no longer a member. Seneschal agreed to see to this.

Lists Big tourney held at Hart of Winter event. Hrothgar had to change the format of the fight as there were more participants than he expected. 11 fighters in total. Similar changes needed to be made to the archery competition.
Sam Harkins oversaw tournament at May Monthly Bash. [Unable to report as had left the meeting at this point to join the fighter practice.]

Chirurgeon Lara hasn’t heard from Kingdom as to her possible step up into the Kingdom Chirurgeonate. Therefore, can’t make a decision on whether or not she is stepping down as Stormhold Chirurgeon. Will inform the Barony when she has more information.
Has had several expressions of interest from potential deputies but no one so far has had all of the appropriate paperwork completed. Lara will continue to work with these people so that an appropriate replacement can be found, if needed.
No major injuries to report.

College of Saint Bartholomew Not present

Canton of Cairn Fell Hart of Winter went well.
An ‘extra special’ fighter practice will be held in June with an equestrian element led by Ava. Has so far been discussed online. Yet to be made official.

General Business:
New Event Form Seneschal explained that there was a new event form which required the group seneschal to electronically approve any event proposals.
An email is to be sent to Stormlist outlining this process further.

Janet Coath Proposed the making of 4 silk standards for November Crown. Requested that the Barony assist in covering her costs in making these. Also requested that members of the Barony assist in the design process.
Further proposal of a new 50m list rope with silk hangings. This venture will need to be funded by the Barony if it is to go ahead.
Attendees agreed that no action on these proposals will be taken until a monetary plan is supplied. Then we will ‘plot’ further.

[Karen was not present to further discuss her proposal of purchasing ceramic jugs for the Barony, as mentioned by her prior to the commencement of the April meeting.]

Meeting closed 9.14pm
Timeline tender