April 2013

By   April 29, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 22nd April 2013 – Opened 8:00pm

Rosalind Mearns, Stephen Drane (late), Rachel Grimmer, Karen Brown, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Fiona Anderson, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Laura Iseman, Lara Mucha, Sam Harkins, James Fritz-Hammond, Simon Hoad, Judith Gray

Absent with Apology

Outstanding Business
Chess Challenge Report There were problems with bookings as most were taken in the week before, some people didn’t turn up and some people turned up who hadn’t booked.
$79 profit before insurance and other financial requirements taken out.
Attendance: 25 members, 1 non-member (forgot their membership card), 10 children, 1 non-member child
1 attendee from Krae Glas

Hart of Winter – upcoming event Steward of event (Ava) not at meeting.
Believed that one third of the tickets have so far been sold

Baronial poll/Baronial changeover Seneschal noted that would not be revealing current statistics, even though requested to do so before the meeting. Seneschal doesn’t believe she has the authority to do this. Meeting attendees agreed with this decision.
Webminister stated that, based on the number of hits the relevant page of the website has received, people are finding the poll.

Winterfeast Few bookings but the booking form is working.
A cheaper version of security guards have been found.
9 person choir will be attending – need garb for 7 of them.
Food – going to visit the hall to take table measurements, finalise layout etc.
Feastocrat needs to talk to Antonia about the table plan so that decorations can be further planned.

Tournaments for Winterfeast Edmund volunteered to Steward a tournament
Day (Saturday or Sunday) to be sorted out
Location still to be sorted out
Feastocrat of Winterfeast requested that tournament not be too near the hall if tournament is on the Saturday to prevent people using the hall while setup is still underway. Was suggested that use the security guards and to keep the doors locked until 5pm to prevent this problem.

November Crown Steward of the event is Hanbal
Still putting together website. Should be up and running after May Crown.
Ant advertising the event at May Crown
May have horse activities
May have streaming video of the tourney if it can be organised. Hanbal to talk to Edmund about the technology side of this.

New Rapier Hall Use of the hall has been approved by the owners (Scouts/Rovers)
Booked 20 weeks at once
Hire is $25 per night for 8.15-10.15
Invoice to be sent to Genna
Possibility of some storage
long-term will give us a key

‘Donations’ at training and Crafthall Is an actual donation
Suggested that the takings are published after the meeting each month so that people may see what our income is. This will hopefully encourage more donations.
Seneschal to forward this information to Stormlist, Facebook and Stormscroll.

Gilligan – event proposal Collegium weekend
Teaching stewarding event
Needs access to public transport
Gilligan expecting maybe two dozen people in attendance
Would like separate rooms for separate streams if can find appropriate venue.
Ideally located somewhere near the border between Krae Glas and Stormhold
Approval given for Gilligan to search for an appropriate hall etc. and to report back next meeting
Suggested that his event be run in late August so as not to clash with other Baronial events.

Hanbal – Timeline Faire Sandy from Krae Gals is the SCA officer/contact for Timeline Faire who passed this information onto Hanbal.
Kryal Castle will be signing contract for the event next week.
Proposed to be held on the 3rd or 4th weekend of November (November Crown is on the 2nd weekend)
$20,000 from Kryal Castle to be spread around the groups who attend.
Kryal wants 400 re-enactors there
Wants the SCA there for its numbers
Agreed that, given the proximity to November Crown, it would be best for Hanbal to hand over the role of liaising with Kryal Castle to someone in Krae Glas or Cairnfell. Eleanora volunteered to take on this role.
Question asked – how will this affect William Marshall which, traditionally, runs on the first weekend in December? There are five weekends in November which could allow enough room between events. Also suggested that William Marshall could be pushed back to second weekend in December. Would mean William Marshall and Bash are separated.
Decision to be made at a later date once actual date of Timeline Faire is known.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal Festival Seneschals’ Meeting – reporting back that all the Lochac Baronies are currently growing which is a good thing and runs counter to the trend currently being observed in the US.

Reeve Approx. $12,000 in the bank, although this is a bit unstable.
Storage payment is due soon
Mostly small purchases over the last year
Hasn’t received any Constable paperwork for the last 3 Bashes.

Marshal Not present

Herald Not present

Arts & Sciences 2 Stormholders in the Laurel Prize Tourney at Festival
Championship in June
Small activities to be held at Crafthall in the lead up to Winterfeast
Unlikely to display stuff at Bash during winter as it is too wet

Constable Not present
Need to advertise position again

Hospitallier Not present
Need to advertise position again

Chronicler Not present
Position due for renewal. Need to email Alliette and ask if she is happy to continue holding this position or if she’d like to step down.

Web Cairnfell calendar is now included with other calendars on Stormhold website. Clara is maintaining Cairnfell section.

Lists Edmund – sent tourney results to Elesant for Chess Challenge. 9 Fighters.
11 fighters at last Bash (March). April Bash cancelled because of proximity to Festival. (Don’t pay for John Gardiner reserve in January and April).

Chirurgeon Lara – hasn’t heard about taking on role of Kingdom Chirurgeon. The step up is in May. If Lara takes on this higher role Stormhold will be without a Chirurgeon. No replies so far to the ad Lara placed on Stormlist.
Looking into First Aid classes to encourage people to take on the role.
No ‘exciting’ injuries to report.

College of Saint Bartholomew St Bart’s rapier running at same hall as new Stormhold rapier hall. Got a grant from Melbourne University for it – $20 a night.
Gindi back in charge. Only person really on committee.
3 members likely to come to Stormhold event. 5-6 attending rapier.

Canton of Cairn Fell Almost half the fighters at Chess Challenge were from Cairnfell.
Fighter practice and pot luck on Wednesday
Lara webmistress for Cairnfell. Working on calendar/website now.

General Business:

Miriam bat Shimeon Krae Glas is looking at running food handlers certificate course. Susanne from Krae Glas looking into it and will get back to us.

Ute Meeting room too noisy with other activities going on. Also cold with door left open. Next meeting room exclusively for meeting.

(There was a discussion prior to the commencement of the meeting as to the purchase of ceramic jugs from Alex the Potter for the communal Stormhold hospit. This will be formally discussed at the next meeting when a quote has been obtained from Alex the Potter by Karen.)

Meeting closed 9.12pm