February 2013

By   February 28, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 25th February 2013

Opened 8:00pm

Rosalind Mearns, Stephen Drane, Rachel Grimmer, Rowan Davies, Janet Coath,
Estel Talroval, Karen Brown, Becca Andrews, Miriam Staples, Laura Iseman,
Steve Roylance, Craig Adams, Fiona Anderson

Absent with Apology
Simon Hoad, Judith Gray, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Craig Cody, Maeve

Outstanding Business

Purchase of tokens
Tokens have been received by the Baron. Invoice has been sent to the Reeve.
A copy has been sent to the Seneschal.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:

Candidates for the 9th B&B of Stormhold have been announced. These are:
Antonia di Lorenzo
Miriam bat Shimeon and Brían dorcha ua Conaill,
Eleanora de la Birche and Aeddan ap Andreas

Absent with Apology. Current balance is $15,929.67



Arts & Sciences
Second chest building class ran successfully. Now approximately a dozen
people in the Barony with chests at various stages of completion. Proposed
class on making table trestles later in the year.
A&S items continue to be displayed at Monthly Bash
Most members of the group currently working on Festival preparations.


(through a third party – Antonia) Draft versions of the new hospit garb to
be made this coming Saturday in various sizes. Will then be tested on
people to see how it works.


All working
Upgrade to cover a security breach will be done soon.

Tourney held at Monthly Bash.
Cairnfell now has 6 authorised fighters and several marshalls. Hrothgar is

No injuries to report.

College of Saint Bartholomew
Clubs and Societies day will be this Thursday at Melbourne University from

Canton of Cairn Fell
Doing well
This Wednesday is fighter practice
In a fortnight there will be a meeting with a wider variety of activities.
Likely to be held at Ava and Hrothgar’s
Heart of Winter event – 11 May. There will be heavy combat. Possibly
archery and rapier too.

General Business:

Candidates Meeting
A meeting to introduce the new baronial candidates to the Barony was
suggested. However, based on past experience and group consent it was
decided that a page should be added to the Stormhold website with each
contesting party adding their own blurb. These will form the basis of any
further discussion. Thorfinn is to create the page once each group had
forwarded a brief statement of their intent to him.

Baronial Furniture
Proposed as an item for next month’s meeting a discussion on acquiring more
Baronial furniture. Raised by Antonia/Rachel Grimmer. Has been requested
to find more information for the next meeting so an informed discussion can
take place.

Maintenance of Chess Pieces
Question of repairs needed before April Chess Challenge. Miriam Staples,
who raised the issue, charged with investigating this over the weekend
(during Bash) and to bring findings to next Baronial meeting. In that way
any necessary repairs may be approved by the wider Barony.

Meeting closed 8:22pm