January 2013

By   January 29, 2013

Minutes: Stormhold Officer’s Meeting, 21st January 2013 – Opened 8:01pm
Rosalind Mearns, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Craig Cody, Fiona Anderson, Aine, Brodhir, James Brown,
Absent with Apology
Stephen Drane, Becca Andrews, Simon Hoad, James Fritz-Hammond

Outstanding Business

Purchase of tokensSeneschal had approved the Baron to purchase of 40 silver drakkar tokens and 15 gold drakkar tokens. Approval was given before a discussion at the meeting as the Seneschal was advised that the decision needed to be made on 18/01/13, three days before the next meeting. Upon discussion at the meeting, this was shown to be incorrect. Therefore, it is advised that a full discussion is had before the purchase of any more tokens.
It was also noted that, traditionally, the Barony orders its tokens from Chips.
Motion: To authorise the spending of up to $1000.00 on new tokens
Motion by: Rosalind Mearns
Seconded by: Miriam Staples
Abstained: Steve Roylance – who would like it noted that he does not approve of how the order was handled.
Carried without dissent

Baronial Changeover & Investiture Working on booking form

Arrowsreach $5395.57 deposited into Stormhold account from now defunct Arrowsreach account
Some money still to be transferred
Some belongings still missing
Brodhir has Arrowsreach Constable paperwork. Advised that this be passed on to Lochac Constable

Stormhold Seneschal advised to ask in next Kingdom report to ask about the division of Arrowsreach postcodes.

William Marshall made $233.96

Chess Challenge 2013 being held on 20th April 2013

New hospit garb 2 bolts of cloth and various table cloths and other pieces of fabric have been purchased from which to make the new garb.
Sewing day being held on 9th Feb at Aine’s place. Address available on request.

Baronial Officer’s Reports:
Seneschal New Seneschal – first meeting

Reeve Report sent to Kingdom
Expects funds to be down in the coming year because people are not donating.
Still happy to support Thursday night hall despite making approx. $200 loss last year.
Spent $880 on regalia last year.

Marshal Started training classes 21/01/13
Vandal hurt his arm last Monday night whilst training.
Rapier currently at a standstill
Herald Change of Officer – post now held by Frida. New Deputy is Dante Caldiera.
Arts & Sciences Not in attendance but advised that an A&S Collegium is being planned for Sept/Oct. Currently looking for a suitable hall.
Constable Stepping down at Midwinter. Looking for a deputy successor. Advised to advertise position on group mailing list.
Hospitallier Stepping down at Midwinter. Looking for a deputy successor who has storage space for Hospit gear. Advised to advertise position on group mailing list.
Chronicler Not in attendance
Web Seneschal now has access to editing Stormhold website
Lists New deputy – Edmond Rosewater (Sam Harkins)
Minimal progress on ‘how to run a list’ book
Chirurgeon Not in attendance but advised that ice packs will be restocked in First Aid kits.

College of Saint Bartholomew Not in attendance but advised that discussion underway for University Clubs and Societies day. Recommended that any request for assistance be placed on Stormhold mailing list.

Canton of Cairn Fell Current in-group discussion about validity of events vs non-SCA events
Once a month meeting (Wednesday) being held at private home of a member. This is listed as an official event.
Regular fighter practice is also an official event.
Heart of Winter event being planned for May – Ava to organise it. Likely to be held at Garabaldi hall, south of Ballarat.

General Business:

Stormhold Campsite for Festival Possibly 10 people in the campsite

Gill to publish November minutes Advised that Seneschal send him an email requesting that this be done.

Meeting closed 9:06pm