July 2012

By   July 29, 2012

Stormhold Officers’ Meeting, 23/07/2012 Opened 8:03pm

Attending: Judith Gray, Rebecca Andrews, Rachel Grimmer, Simon Hoad, Stephen Roylance, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Helen Howard, Jean Eden, David Eden, Lorrainne McDonald, Estel Talroval, Janet Coath, Javier Evertz, Karen Brown, Miriam Staples.

Apologies: Lara Mucha, Irina Lubomirska, Fiona Anderson, Gindi Wauchope.

Outstanding business

Storage– currently waiting on a site with 24/7 access which are currently full. Once one of a suitable size becomes free, then the change will be done. Paying at the current site monthly.

Business cards– So far there are lots of suggestions, including a QR code. Another is for a good picture on the front and details on the back. The QR code takes up to a ¼ of the card, so maybe place the code on the box of the cards instead of the back of the cards.

Winterfeast– currently -$111.71, awaiting the return of the deposits. Once the deposits return then the event would be $338.29 in profit. There was too much food left over after the event. Consideration in the future for a buffet (with ¾ serves) or making kids as a ½ serve. Possibly getting the autocrat to get volunteers at the beginning of the event as there was only five helpers.

M.E. Potluck– The date is November 4th, 2012 at the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre. Bash will be on Sunday so no need for any tourney.

November Crown 2013 Bid– Simon is putting the bid together. Venue is tentatively booked for the 8-10th November. The site is Rowellen in Riddells Creek. Karen Brown is the head feastocrat, with some meals already “out-sourced”. Heather has volunteered to do the bookings. The site has an early hand-over time, of 4pm. The event would then need to be finished by Sunday 4pm. Wrap event after lunch. Fire ban plan is to use the main kitchen.

Newbie Uniforms– Lots of cotton drill found in the cupboard, as well as 9 metres purchased for $6 per metre. Money was used from the slush fund. The design needs to be worked out, then sewn up and screen printed.

Catering equipment–  Rachel is currently unavailable to do this but can do it in a couple of months. A knife roll needs to be made!

Jewellery Comp– Hrothgar has a solution up on Facebook. Antoinette is not taking any money and would like the Barony to fund a jewellery competition for Lochac. A quote from Antoinette is needed. Karen motioned that we agree in principle for a sum of $500.00. Heather seconded. Three nays- would like the event to be held at a Lochac Kingdom event such as Midwinter, not Rowany Festival (which is a Rowany event). Twelve yes, so the majority carries.

Proposed Canton of Arrowsreach– Announced at Baronial court on Sunday 22/07 at the Equestrian event. This is pending approval from Kingdom Seneschal. The bank account would need a name change. Everyone would be happy for a quick email sent through monthly, to match other groups.

Baronial Officers

Seneschal- Advertising for a replacement? Warrant runs out in December.

Constable- The online Constable Handbook is out of date. Any advertised event needs waivers for non-members. The Ozibod is still dealing with the insurance. The new system for sign-in sheets are white for members, yellow for non-members and waivers need to be signed. This will be written up in Stormscroll.

Reeve- As of end of quarter the balance is $11,936.53. John Gardiner paid $319. Clifton Hill Hall costs $379 for the year but only $50 deposited so far. Thursday night monies are to followed through- Rebecca Lucas has one month. Still no invoice for Monday night training- waiting on the Council to send bill. Storage cost $270 for the quarter. The event LCDC is -$130. The year has been negative so far.

Marshal- Tourneys happening, fighter training happening.

Rapier Marshal- Very quiet. Training happens at Melbourne University on a Tuesday night.

A&S- The new discussion group has happened, but no notes up yet. Garb discussion group next month. The Baronial A&S competition is judged in September. There will be a show & tell session at Monthly Bash to encourage others. State Library visit deferred. Rachel to advertise for a deputy.

Herald- Things are happening. Need to find out when the term is due. He is happy to answer emails.

Hospitaller- Start on newbie uniforms next week. White under tunics, with “gates of hell” over tunics for larger ladies.

Chronicler- Apologies.

Web- Photos of award tokens needed, as well as pictures of the most recent tourney. Any content please!

List- Apologies.

Chirurgeon- Apologies.

College of St. Barts- Apologies.

Canton of Cairn Fell- Apologies.

New Business

William Marshal- same event type as last year. Fiona Anderson has volunteered to cook. Suggested that the meals need to be broken up!

Kingdom Reeve will be getting specific software for reeves of all levels. Stormhold is likely to be involved in Beta testing. Probably in around a year.

Meeting closed 9:16pm