April 2012

By   April 29, 2012

Minutes of the April Stormhold Baronial meeting (23/04/2012)

Attending: Stephen Drane, Miriam Staples, Lara Mucha, Steve Roylance, Lorraine McDonald, Jean Eden, David Eden, Rachel Grimmer, Rachel Kenny, Heather Fritz-Hammond

Apologies: Simon Hoad, Judith Gray

Meeting opened 8:00 pm

Business arising

Storage – New quote received: Guardian Storage.
Single level with trolleys
Slightly bigger than current storage $99 per month.
($91.38 with discount)
Is it part of the 24hr section? – Lorraine will investigate.

Motion: If a 24hr option is available at this location, take it.
Motioned: Steve Roylance Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD
1 abstention

Business cards – Designs should be ready next month.

Winterfeast – Booking Maribyrnong Community Centre for 30th June. No further support required at this time.

First aid kits – Chirurgeon is travelling, will report in 2 months.
Send invoices for kits to Reeve and the Barony will pay.

Garb donation – $107.35 raised from sale of hospit garb at Chess Challenge. Lots left over. Suggestion to do a garb sorting day after July meeting.

Weapons exemption – SCAA Ltd requesting reissue. It’s a review process for all historical groups (All exemptions expired at the same time).

Officer’s reports

Seneschal – Currently the Barony has 55 members. No grievances or issues.

Reeve – Cleaning up 2011 files for audit.
Have 7 statutory declarations to cover missing invoices.
Still missing documentation:
$18 for Dawn van Bruchem (William Marshall 2011)
$500 for Baronial Commendation tokens
$500 for Alex the Potter (bowls from SE 2011)
$600 for use of the Luc farm (SE 2011 site hire)

Baronial sunshades: $450 budget approved on 18/06/2011
Actually cost $520.10
Motion: To accept the higher cost and proceed with payment
Motioned: Steve Roylance Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD

Baronial Commendation tokens: voted in 2009 minutes, $25 per token.
$750 for 30 in 2010
$500 for 20 in 2011
Motion: To approve payment for these expenses
Motioned: Miriam Staples Seconded: Jean Eden CWD

Surveying Expedition 2011: site hire
Motion: To approve payment of $600 for use of the farm
Motioned: Lara Mucha Seconded: Rachel Kenny CWD

Stormhold banner: budgeted at $400 ($200 for materials, $200 for labour)
Spent $379.34; under budget (Yay!)

Le Champ du Chevalier: Still outstanding (funds not deposited, invoices not presented)

At end of March, accounts balanced. Total of $12,915.31

Motion: A vote of confidence in Heather Fritz-Hammond’s continuing service as Reeve of the Barony.
Motioned: Lorraine McDonald Seconded: Jean Eden CWD

Marshal – 2 authorisations; Tamaly Hovenga and Javier Evertsz-Gonzalez
No injuries or breakages

Herald – All quiet

Constable – Nothing to report. Going away – Jean Eden will fill in.

Hospit – As reported in ‘Business arising’ above; garb sorting day is being planned.

A&S – Officer changeover slated for June. Rachel Grimmer has been nominated.

Chronicler – Not present

Webwright – All working. Website is in need of new content.

Lists – Not present. Suggestion to have a how-to book in the Armoury, outlining how to run common formats.

Motion: Vote of confidence in Fiona Anderson’s continuing service as List Keeper of the Barony.
Motioned: Heather Fritz-Hammond Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD

Chirurgeon – Query on expectations of role: answer is twofold; treating injuries and reporting them.
To be a chirurgeon, all you need is Level 2 first aid, SCA membership and regalia (thanks to Good Samaritan laws)
Seneschal to tell Marshal to cc: Chirurgeon on injury reports.

Cairn Fell – Celsa is now Herald.
Fine and dandy; no issues.

St Bartholomew – Not present

General business

ME Guild – Planning a combined event with Cooks’ Guild (potluck)
Possible dates: 4th August, 18th August, 27th October.
Leaning towards 4th August.
Investigating halls – Heather will try to track down the circular hall Kelly ran a coffee house in back in the day. Surrey Hills?
Further details coming.

Keys for Armoury – Who needs them? Seneschal, Constable and Captain of Archers is a good start.

Motion: Make 5 copies of the Armoury key.
Motioned: Lorraine McDonald
Seconded: Heather Fritz-Hammond CWD

Minutes – Seneschal to email past minutes to Steve Roylance for inclusion on website.

Meeting closed 9:11pm