March 2012

By   March 29, 2012

Minutes of the March Stormhold Baronial meeting (26/03/2012)

Attending: Stephen Drane, Lorraine McDonald, Rachel Grimmer, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Helen Howard, Judith Gray, Genevieve Cody, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Julia Jamieson

Apologies: Rachel Kenny, Irina Lubomirska, James Brown

Meeting opened 8:00 pm

Business arising

Storage – Rate for current storage has increased to $90 per month. We’re paying $515 for six months (5% discount)
Another alternate option in Pascoe Vale – Lorraine to investigate
Proposed enclosure in the Armoury would have a problem with damp; not an appealing option.

Motion: To continue looking for alternate storage solutions
Motioned: Heather Fritz-Hammond Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD

Business cards – Defer to next month.

Winterfeast – 23rd June is unavailable, moved to 30th June instead (same site). Currently testing menus. Antoinette Stryke is autocrat, Heather Fritz-Hammond head cook.

Motion: To go ahead with the new date.
Motioned: Genevieve Cody Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD

Armoury – Using combo padlocks may pose a security risk (located next to a school, bored kids may try to crack code).

Motion: To stay with keys for securing the Armoury
Motioned: Heather Fritz-Hammond Seconded: Steve Roylance CWD

Rose & Unicorn – Proposed date 7th October. Logistics issues, timing issues (soon after GSG), tyranny of distance. May be able to borrow Baronial gear, but Monthly Bash is the next day – autocrat could send us a wishlist and we will see.

Motion: To decline the event as being logistically unviable
Motioned: Heather Fritz-Hammond Seconded: Judith Gray
Carriedl; 1 dissenting vote

Officer’s reports

Seneschal – All is well. No grievances or issues.

Reeve – Last month’s bank balance was $13,232.08
Current balance $12,915.31; books balanced.
Banner cost $379.34
Chessman cost $230.73 (accounted as part of the Chess Challenge event, which made $7 profit)
Le Champ de Chevalier has not been closed, awaiting further information. Levies will not make it into this quarter’s report.

Marshal – Not present

Herald – Doing stuff, chugging along.
Collaboration planned with Krae Glas at Suth Moot

Constable – New Kingdom Constable has stepped up. Not much to report.

Hospit – $100 raised from sale of hospit at Chess Challenge. Money will be used to purchase blue fabric with which to construct T-tunics. (Newbie uniform)

A&S – Officer changeover slated for June. Rachel Grimmer has been nominated.

Chronicler – Not present

Webwright – New website is up, logins available on request.
Most old content has migrated to the new site.

Lists – Not present

Cairn Fell – Not present

St Bartholomew – Not present

General business

First aid kits – Chirurgeon would like a budget of $100 to purchase 2 first aid kits – one for John Gardiner Reserve, one for the Coulson Soccer Pavilion.

Motion: To allocate $150 for the purchase of first aid kits
Motioned: Judith Gray Seconded: Steve Roylance CWD

Garb donation – Remainder of culled garb will be donated to Bordescros (once the trash has been sorted out of it). Judith can transport it up when travelling for May Crown.

Calibration – Issues noted by Her Majesty. Suggestion to run Gwynfor’s article on the topic in Stormscroll. Seneschal will mention it to Marshall.

Weapons exemption – Technically expired, BoD are looking to reissue.

Meeting closed 9:08pm