February 2012

By   February 28, 2012

Minutes of the February Stormhold Baronial meeting (27/02/2012)

Attending: Stephen Drane, Lorraine McDonald, Rachel Grimmer, Miriam Staples, Steve Roylance, Rebecca Andrews, Simon Hoad

Apologies: Rachel Kenny

Meeting opened 8:17 pm

Business arising

Storage – Lorraine has been investigating in the Flemington area (close to end of freeway).
Not a huge array of options
Kennards: 2.1×1.5m $150, 2.7×1.5m $160, 3.0×1.8m $175 per month
National: $210 per month, access 5am-9pm
Citylinked Self Storage: 7m3 $90 (upper level), access limited
M-F 8am-4:30pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 10am-3pm
Kensington Rd Storage: 10m3 $115 per month, access til midnight
Query: How much are we currently paying for storage?
Answer: $375 for 5 months (2mx2m), therefore $75 per month.

Decision: Stephen Drane will consult with Reeve, Heather Fitz-Hammond.

Alternate idea: Create an airtight partition in storage container at John Gardiner Reserve. Perhaps a welded enclosure?

Chessmen – Coming along. Stands are the biggest issue.
Probably going over budget by a few hundred dollars, due to materials costs.

Thrones – Were at Border War, went back for finishing touches

Flag – Delivered at Border War. An awesome sight. Receipts will be delivered. Also suggested we pay a bit more for the time spent in its creation.

Motion: To add $200 to the payment made to Janet Coath for the flag.
Motioned: Simon Hoad Seconded: Steve Roylance CWD

Decision: Stephen Drane to inform Janet and Heather

Catering gear – Rachel Grimmer will investigate in the latter half of this year. On hold until then.

Business cards – Rachel Grimmer aiming to finish designs by Festival.

Winterfeast – Proposed date is 23rd June. Will send “keep date clear” message to Stormlist & The Common.

Officer’s reports

Seneschal – Report is due
All going smoothly, no problems to include in report

Reeve – Not present

Marshal – Report done. Broken wrist at William Marshall (Waldo)
Darren’s authorisation card arrived
Interest in fighting continues
Rattan is for sale, low demand for armour.

Herald – Commenting as appropriate online.
Collaboration planned with Krae Glas at Suth Moot

Constable – Nothing to report. Returned from overseas

Hospit – Culled hospit planned to be sold at Chess Challenge.

A&S – Position passed on. Rachel Grimmer is acting interim officer. Applications for permanent replacement have been opened.
Plans to demystify documentation and make it easier to enter competitions.

Chronicler – Not present

Webwright – Lochac servers have died, Masonry team working to fix them.
Stormhold site rebuild continuing, demo is available for viewing. Comments would be appreciated
Current challenge is getting the gallery working.

Lists – Not present

Cairn Fell – Not present

St Bartholomew – Not present

General business

Armoury – Suggestion to change current padlock to a combination padlock, so keys are no longer an issue. Simon Hoad nominated Heather Fitz-Hammond to investigate.

Hospit – Bordercros is in need of loaner garb.
Decision: To donate any culled garb that doesn’t sell at Chess Challenge to Bordescros.

SCA Corporate donation
We are one of 12 Baronies in the Kingdom.
If a donation is made to SCA Inc. that comes from the Kingdom funds, suggested we donate 1/12th of that amount back to the Kingdom, and advertise how we came to that calculation.

Rose & Unicorn Extravaganza
Pre-tournament plan is perhaps a bit ambitious – perhaps focus solely on the main event.
Stephen Drane will discuss with Rifka Smith
Meeting closed 9:26pm