January 2012

By   January 29, 2012

Minutes of the January Stormhold Baronial meeting (23/01/2012)

Attending: Stephen Drane, Fiona Anderson, Rachel Kenny, Miriam Staples, Heather Fritz-Hammond, Steve Roylance, Judith Gray

Apologies: Lorraine McDonald

Meeting opened 8:12 pm

Business arising

Storage – Lorraine was investigating and is not here, ergo defer to next month

Chessmen – Pawns and knights complete
Need designs for King and Queen, bannerbearers and rooks
Stands need a redesign re: stability in wind
Need more wood (extra cost)

Thrones – Paid for, expected delivery at Border War

Catering gear – Deferred to next month

Business cards – Finalising designs
Can be printed at KlikCards, $80 for 1000.

Motion: That we print 1000 business cards at that price
Motioned: Judith Seconded: Miriam CWD

Officer’s reports

Seneschal – Report has been sent
All going smoothly, no problems to report
New Kingdom Seneschal

Reeve – Report handed out
Current balance $12,715.46
Doomsday report submitted.
Levies need to be paid, after that 2011 can be closed
Will chase missing receipts with Statutory Declarations.

Marshal – Broken wrist at William Marshall (Waldo)
No systematic issues

Herald – Commenting as appropriate, no submissions in progress.
Collaboration planned with Krae Glas at Suth Moot

Constable – Not present

Hospit – Not present

A&S – Stuff is happening.

Chronicler – Not present

Webwright – Website still there
Have added Lochac calendar
No movement on website upgrade.

Lists – Tournaments held at Le Champ du Chavelier
8 heavy participants, Hrothgar victorious
4 rapier combatants, Wolfram victorious
Archery contest, Ute victorious (Ronan won kids’ division)

Cairn Fell – Doing well. 4 core households, a few fringers breezing in and out.
Not in need of anything.
Lyos memorial picnic turned a profit, talk of a possible event in August.

General business

Winterfeast – Needs a date
Avoid Great Northern War (8-9 June).
Provisionally 22-23 June.
14/16 century Roman & Italian theme
Antionette to book hall
Genna and Talith feastocratting
Plan for 3 removes, 12 dished in all

May Crown – Hanbal and Ute will compete. Miriam Galbraith available as Vicar in case of victory.

Chess Challenge – Now a Royal event.
16 bookings currently, still advertising

Middle Eastern event – Proposed date 21st April. May switch to Sep/Oct.
Oakleigh area (perhaps the Mechanics Hall)

Timeline Fair – Not running this year. Looking for a site.

Suth Moot – 55 booked
Meeting closed 9:08pm