October 2011

By   October 29, 2011

Minutes of the October Stormhold Baronial meeting


Meeting opened 8:05pm

Officer’s reports

Marshal – Has spoken to Sir Gabriel re: rattan
Will buy $10 sticks
Minor shoulder injury sustained at training
Smattering of new interest in heavy training
Very happy with attendance.

Constable – Nothing to report

Hospit – Generally quiet
A cull of hospit garb is planned for next project day (13/11/2011)
Whittling it down to basic T-tunics and belts (easy to throw on over other clothes)
Excess could be sold to Newcomers
Help shall be needed to make this happen.

A&S – All quiet.
Competition has been decided for William Marshall – a picture made of food.

Reeve – Balance at end of quarter was $12,796.72
Spent $198.89 on regalia
$22.10 in bank fees
A&S Collegium and Winterfeast have been balanced, ran a profit
Reeve requires original receipts for events (new financial policy from BoD)
Baronial chessmen are still a work in process, would prefer to wait and make a single payment.
Good idea: get a tiny petty cash book for the cashbox.
The ledger is full – yay! (now need a new one)

John Gardiner; upper oval is not part of our booking. No archery is allowed.
Awaiting an official confirming email from the school.

Requesting 2009 minutes in the interest of transparency and accountability.

Chronicler – Stormscroll deadline extended this month to Wednesday 26/10/2011
Will publish Reeve’s quarterly report

Webwright – Went to a Drupal orginisation meeting
Website test page has been tested and is working
Will be uploaded after some more tweaking

Herald – Monday Hund meetings are still happening
Asfridr has stepped in as deputy

General business

Storage – Current arrangement: $375 for 5 months (2mx2m space)
Current storage “never” sends invoices
Paid recently, we have 5 months to investigate (no rush)

Wishing to move to a more central location
National Storage: $210 per month
Kennards: $140 per month
Aiming for $90-100 per month

Decision: Meadhbh will keep investigating

Surveying – Still listed on Kingdom website (one of the ‘set events’ on the calendar)

Decision: Gilligan will inform Kingdom of cancellation

WM – Catering volunteers sought
Buffet style, precooked and plated up at the event
Similar menu to last year
Bookings to close Wednesday before event (30/11/2011)

Maha – Channel 31 show, “Maha’s Alternative Realities”, wishing to film at William Marshall.

Motion: To tell Maha we are happy for them to film
Motioned: Genna Seconded: Miriam CWOD

Chessmen – All pawns cut out and undercoated
Knights cut out
Up to the painting stage
Request for weatherboard black and white paint to be put to the list and in Stormscroll.

Chess Challenge – To include market stalls
$1 charge, BYO table

Thrones – Ryan is asking for next payment
Last $100 contingent on delivery
First 2 payments cover materials

Business cards – Need designs

Meeting closed 9:05pm