June 2011

By   June 29, 2011

Stormhold Officers Meeting, 27th June 2011.

Start: 8:15PM

Present: Stephen Drane, Lorraine McDonald, Miriam Staples, Stephen Roylance, Judith Gray, Irina Lubomirska, Simon Hoad, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz, Antoinette Stryk, Lara Mucha, Rachel Kenny, Corinna Chapman.

Apologies: David Eden,

Business arising:

Winterfeast wrap-up

Seneschal – All is well. Barony is ticking over nicely.

Reeve – Current balance $12,892.42.
Winterfeast has not been balanced yet, but deposits have been made.
Surveying Expedition has been balanced.
LOTS funding money has been received from Kingdom.
Donation to Kingdom Lists has been made.
Reeve is happy to act as booking officer for any event
Requirements re: receipts are how more rigourous, as the SCA is a limited company and will be audited.

Heavy Marshal – No issues or injuries.

Rapier Marshal – 3rd Sunday practices have been poorly attended.

Arts & Sciences – Mystery Packages have been distributed.
Focus on getting people entering competitions

Herald – Will shortly be advertising for a deputy.

Chronicler – Would like to see more contributions, particularly from officers.
Reeve requested that bank balance be included in Stormscroll, for transparency reasons.

Webwright – Site is still operating.
Working on upgrade from v4.7 to v7.1
Minutes should be published on website, for transparency – any document format. Seneschal to send minutes through to Webwright.

Hospitallier – Cardboard box containing hospit feasting gear has died.
Approval given for a replacement container to be bought, with reimbursement upon presentation of receipt to the Reeve. Alternatively, take the money from petty cash (receipt still to go to Reeve).

General Business:

Officer terms
Is there a limitation on maximum term of a Baronial officer?

Decision: Stephen Drane to ask questions at Kingdom level.
“Is a vote of confidence acceptable to extend an officer’s tenure, as long as the officer is still happy to do it?”

Hospit logistics
KG have requested to borrow Stormhold cooking hospit for their Baronial Investiture.
Will have to collect key following St Bartholomew Ball the weekend before.

Thursday Hall
Attendance is down, hall is losing money.
Generally 3 attendees on Middle Eastern dancing nights
Typically 6-8 attendees on European dancing nights.
Losses have been recorded for the last 3 financial years.
Cost of hall hire is $30 per night; therefore 10 attendees is break-even point.
Increase attendance (strategies needed)
Increase cost ($4 per member, perhaps)
Reduce number of nights (1-2 per month, rather than weekly)
Cease use of hall

Consultation with dancers to occur, with opinions reported back to the meeting next month.
Upcoming St Bartholomew Ball may increase attendance in the short-term.

Refurbishing of disused train stations
Government initiative, opening disused train stations for use by community groups.
Lorraine has written to MP Justin Madden, reply received. Little-no details on government plans.

Decision: Lorraine to follow up with a letter to Premier Ted Bailleau re: which stations are to be available under the scheme.

Kryal Castle
Have approached us re: strutting out stuff at a medieval festival, first weekend in October.
Clash with Monthly Bash – could be moved, but already commited to wayfaring November Monthly Bash to Timeline Fair.
Additionally, proposed October festival clashes with Great Southern Gathering.

Decision: Not to get involved with Kryal Castle event as an official activity.

Applause Entertainment
Approached Seneschal re: a demo.

Decision: Stephen Drane to acquire further information and report back next month.

Baronial banners
Materials have been gathered.
Plan to create 8 banners – one of each B&B of Stormhold.
Craft Hall group project.

Meeting closed 9:30PM