May 2011

By   May 29, 2011

Stormhold Officers Meeting, 23rd May 2011.

Start: 8:03PM

Present: Stephen Drane, Stephen Roylance, Miriam Staples, Judith Gray, Irina Lubomirska, Simon Hoad, Ryan Quigg, Heather Fritz-Hammond, James Fritz.

Apologies: Rachel Kenny

Business arising:

Rapier sword purchase
Supplier difficulties, swords not purchased. Could source from US, but this would increase costs. Wolfram to investigate options and report back next month.

Rattan/duct tape purchase
Rodrigo continuing investigation, will report back next month.

Armour audit
Hanbal to compile results and report back next month.

Rihla of Ibn Battuta feast
Date postponed; still working and researching.

New Thrones
Quote from Ryan Quigg of $289.00 per throne for materials.
$350.00 per throne total

Motion: That the Barony accept the quote and pay $700.00 for a pair of thrones.
Motioned: Simon Hoad Seconded: Stephen Roylance CWD

Chess pieces
Plan to make a set of chess pieces for future Chess Challenge events. Hanbal to investigate wood purchasing options
Motion: That a budget of up to $100 be allotted to the project.
Motioned: Heather Fritz-Hammond Seconded: Miriam Staples CWD

No entries as yet. Will take stock next meeting.

Seneschal – All is well. Deputy has done a great job.
Reeve – Current balance $11,528.58
Surveying Expedition has been balanced; Hrothgar is chasing up late payment.
Kingdom levy: $116.00
Payments are beginning to be taken for Winterfeast and A&S Collegium.
Paid up to date on storage.
Payment of $154.00 for John Gardiner Reserve for the quarter January-March.
Heavy Marshal – No issues or injuries.
Rapier Marshal – 3rd Sunday practices are still happening.
Melbourne University practice is well attended.
One authorisation: Quintus (Richard).
Attendance at rapier tournies is increasing.
Arts & Sciences – Mystery Package Competition to determine Champion.
Groups of up to three have 3 months to create and document one or more items using the contents of the mystery package.
Packages to be given out at June Monthly Bash, entries must be present at September Monthly Bash for judging.
10 sets will be made.
House Flammenhertz Stitch and Bitch Fridays are still happening; special topic this month is Tarock.
Chronicler – April Stormscroll was not published (due to lack of contributions and Festival).
Awaiting contributions for May edition.
Webwright – Site is still operating. Playing with a rebuild before going live.
Has taken responsibility for the calendar.
College of St Bartholomew – Approached to contribute to a recreationist blog.
Lacking hospit garb for medium-sized people.
No other issues.

General Business:

Silk banner project
Has been taken on by Janet Coath.
Expected to be completed by William Marshall.
Silk has been bought previously, but receipt lost (~$51)

Motion: That the Barony fund a large silk flag, with a budget of $200
Motioned: Simon Hoad Seconded: Heather Fritz-Hammond CWD

November Crown 2012 Bid
Bids due in August.
Detailed event proposal requested for next month’s meeting.

William Marshall
Planning is in progress, same format as last year.
Yurt offered for extra cover if required by catering.

Meeting closed 8:53PM