March 2011

By   March 29, 2011

March Stormhold Officers’ Meeting 28/3

Open 8.04pm

Attending- Genna/Heather Fritz-Hammond, Thorfinn/Steve Roylance, Clemens/Rachel Kenny, Ute/ Judith Gray, Antonia/Rachel Grimmer, Auicia/Stephanie Ims, Ryan Quigg, Meabhdh/Lorraine McDonald, Gindi Wauchope, James Fritz, Hanbal/Simon Hoad.

Apologies- Gill, Brodhir/David Eden, Aine. Eleanora.

Rapier Marshal- Another rapier practice added the 3rd Sunday of the month. Looking to buy swords for communal use/ newbies. The swords are $209 each on eBay, possibly down to $180 with a discount. Everard can pick up as the shop is in Dandenong so no shipping fees. Storage of the weapons to be in lock up at Wolfram’s, as Melb.Uni doesn’t want to store “dangerous weapons”. B&B in favour, seconded. Total of $501.60. Wolfram to organise purchase. Agenda item.

Heavy Marshal- No-one dead still. Getting ready for Festival. There has been no follow up on the armour inventory. Next month on the agenda. Possibility of buying duct tape in bulk, then selling at cost price to those who need it. Marshal will look into rattan price and duct tape price. Agenda item.

List- Tourneys happening.

Constab/Hospit- Unfortunately can’t make Mondays.
Reeve- $11,700.06. Surveying Expedition currently doesn’t balance. Clifton Hill Hall paid but still no receipt! LOTS refunded. Tuesday is healthy. No major expenses. Kingdom levy of $160.00.

A&S- Seems to be happening all over the Barony. More stuff organised after Festival.

Chronicler- Stormscroll will come out soon. Thorfinn to look after the calendar and website.

The bookmark- Blurb in last Stormscroll. Colour 5”x7” would be $0.20 per bookmark. If home printed, $0.07 each. No entries.

Review of the Chess Challenge/Monthly Bash- Event would be in the black if there wasn’t hire of chess pieces. Possibility of making chess pieces- wood prices to be looked at after Festival.

May Crown Bid- None submitted. Three people considered. Eleanora or Ava/Hrothgar. Possible WinterFeast bid in Cairnfell in 2012. May be in Borders Cros?

Duplicate messages- dealt with.

New Feast- Steph Ims researching into a feast based on the Rihla of Ibn Battuta. Maybe July 30th. No hall booked, menu being worked out. Stormhold event. Agenda item!

Funds- not too bad. No worries.

Thrones- The replacement thrones have many problems. Not wide enough! Getting a quote from Ryan which B&B to handle.

April Officers’ Meeting- cancelled due to Festival. Will be a big catch up in May.

Close 9.06pm.