February 2011

By   February 28, 2011

Stormhold Baronial Meeting 28th Feb 2011

Attended: Lorraine (Meadhbh), Heather (Genna), Irina (Alliette), Judith (Ute), Steve (Thorfin), Rachel (Clemens), Simon (Hanbal) and Miriam.

Apologies: Gill, Aine and Brodhir.

Start 8pm

Nothing brought up from last meeting.

Marshal- no-one dead yet.
Rapier Marshal- Capstone happening. No-one dead either.
Lists- tourneys are happening.
Constab/Hospit- The garb has been sorted, with the good stuff pulled out. There are some t-tunics at John Gardiner.
Reeve- $12,099.14 balance. $1,000 down with rent of $1,500 and tokens $500. Ongoing problems with the Thursday night hall as there are no receipts or invoices. Still some problems with the bank acc. Gill talks to the bank while doing online payments.
A&S- Has been a class on documentation. To be A&S stuff at Newcomers. In time there will be group projects.
Chronicler- has caught up, Stormscroll waiting on B&B.

Other business
Lyos picnic to be the last weekend in Sept. to fall on school holidays.

Tuesday night hall will move back to Monday night from the 21st of March. A second key dropped off in the hall.

Lady Antonia working on the bookmark in Stormscroll.

Friday night at the Stitch & bitch, some calendar work to be done.

Thorfin has the boards of pictures from the Stormhold Anniversary, which the Barony paid for. To be brought to the Tuesday night hall for storage. Good for o-week?

23-24th July is the A&S Collegium and Ball. Some classes booked.

St Bart’s 25th Anniversary to be held in Watsonia on Aug 20th. A week before Krae Glas Baronial step-up.