October 2010

By   October 29, 2010


Stormhold Officers Meeting, 26th October 2010.

Start: 8PM

Present: Hanbal, Ute, Thorfinn, Miriam bat Shimeon, Alliette, Gilligan, Meadhbh.

Apologies: Asfridhr, Rodrigo, Genna, Clemens, Brodhir, Aine.

Previous minutes tabled and accepted with minor amendment – Gilligan had sent his apology prior to the last meeting and the Seneschal misspelt Lyos.

Business arising:

* Moonlight revel. Baron to email populace seeking a volunteer to organise.

* New comers. Baron to email populace seeking a volunteer to organise.

* Chess Challenge. The Chess Challenge is to be held on Saturday, 5th March as a picnic day with Monthly Bash on Sunday, 6th.

* The Middle Eastern Guild website has been moved from Google Groups to WordPress.  This has been advertised on the lists.  To date there are 12 subscribers and there have been 272 hits.

* The Heraldry day is to be held on November 20th at the home of the Goutte d’Eau.


* Seneschal. All well

* Herald. Heraldry day has been organised.

* Chronicler – now has 2 deputies, Cecelia from the college of St Bartholomew and Fabian.  Stormscroll is being published but more stories are always welcome.  

* Web. Will look into the problem with the auto discard of emails forwarded through Shambles & Announce.

* Reeve. Healthy bank balance.  Accounts balanced & report sent to Kingdom.

* Rapier marshal.  Rapier is quiet at the moment.  Everard, Tobias & Wolfram attended training at St Barts.

* Archery. Charles du Bois will step up as Captain of Archers at November Bash.

General Business:

November Officers meeting.  As the Seneschal shall be away for this meeting Gilligan accepted the request to chair it.

Lochac Officer Training Symposium (LOTS)

The symposium was discussed. It was decided to offer assistance with travel expenses to those wishing to attend the symposium but who may experience some financial difficulties in doing so.  Up to 50% would be paid retrospectively on the production of receipts.  

It was decided that it would be productive for newer members who have shown interest and enthusiasm in holding office to attend as well as those who have just taken on an officer’s role.  To this end it was decided to ask for expressions of interest from the populace and to offer assistance to Gilbert of Abbotsford, Cecelia of St Barts and Auicia Redde, current Seneschal of St Barts.

Domnhail, Alliette & Miriam bat Shimeon have also indicated they would be attending.

William Marshal. It was decided to withdraw the $5 tourney only rate due to food being served from mid-afternoon & it not being able to be policed.  A request was made by the steward for 2 sunshades for the cooks.  If Their Majesties attend there will need to be a tent for them.

Meeting closed 9.05