September 2010

By   September 29, 2010


Stormhold Officers Meeting – Monday, 27th September 2010

Start: 7.40

Present: Antonia, Hanbal, Ute, Ailette, Miriam bat Shimeon, Meadhbh, Genna, Wolfram, Celsa.

Apologies: Thorfinn, Brodhir, Aine, Rodrigo,Fridr, Brian.

Previous minutes tabled and accepted without amendment.

Business arising:

*Baron Hanbal’s proposal for an A&S Collegia & Ball in July was approved.

*St Bart’s feast went well, with a number of new comers attended.  There was dancing and a Court was held.


*Seneschal:  All is well.  

*Marshal: No report

*Constable:  No report.

*Hospitaller: No report

*Reeve: Caravanserai made a small profit.  John Gardner Reserve has been paid, as has North Fitzroy hall.  Stormhold has a healthy balance.

*Herald: Herald is attending Hund meeting. Brian has proposed a “Heraldry day” to be held at their house, date to be confirmed. Brian to contact St Barts to offer assistance. There is nothing to report re names or devices.

*Chronicler: Losing deputy as Clemens’ is next A&S officer.

*Web: No report.

*List: No report.

*A&S: No report.

*B&B: Not sacked.


Her Majesty discussed William Marshall with Thorfinn, Their Majesties may attend.  Thorfinn discussed this with Sara.

General business:

*Gilligan of St Bartholomew is the next Seneschal.  He shall take up this position at William Marshal.

*Clemens Gascoigne is the next Arts & Science officer.  She will take up this position at William Marshall.

*The Painters & Limmers next guild meeting will be held on the 3rd Sunday in October, the 17th , the day following Krae Glas’ Tourney of Ivy.   

*The Middle Eastern Guild meeting has been moved to 13th November.  Due to Google Groups closing, the Guild website needs to be moved. Miriam to look at Word Press & Yahoo Groups.  The Guild currently has 26 members.

*The Time-Line event – The Painters & Limmers will have a painter’s studio under the aegis of Arrowsreach.  The Middle East Guild will also be represented with dancers participating in the event.

*The Lios Memorial family day & picnic will be held at Mt Franklin, near Daylesford, from 10.30 on 27th November.  All welcome.

*The monthly Friday night Stitch’n’Bitch is still happening.  The movie last month was good & the upcoming A&S Collegia was discussed.

*The next Chess Challenge is to be held late March.

*A games day has been suggested for the New Comers event in 2011.

*Moonlight revel was discussed.

*Halls: A hall to accommodate all activities is still being sought.  A bill has not been received for the Clifton Hill hall as yet.  Genna reports that there are no suitable halls in Moonee Valley.

Meeting closed at 8.35