August 2010

By   August 29, 2010


Stormhold Officers Meeting – Monday, 23rd August 2010

Start: 8.10

Present: Helen, Antonia, Asfridhr, Hanbal, Ute, Gilligan, Elayne, Miriam bat Shimeon, Meadhbh. (Vandal was not there)

Apologies: Thorfinn, Alliette, Aine, Clemens, Domhnall.

Previous minutes tabled and accepted without amendment.

Business arising:

*Working Bee at Maison del Mar was well attended and much was achieved.

*Caravanserai went weel and made a small profit.  It was well catered.  Thanks to all who assisted.

*Baron Hanbal putting together details of A&S Collegia.  The probable cost is $35 for the weekend with a break even of approximately 50.


Again, few Officers were able to attend the meeting.

 *Seneschal:  All is well. St Barts has a new Seneschal, Auicia le Redde 

*Marshal: No report

*Constable:  My deputy did a good job. There were no incidents.

*Hospitaller: Nothing to report

*Reeve: No report.

*Herald: Welcomed new Herald, Brían dorcha ua Conaill.

*Chronicler: Requested more input for Stormscroll.

*Web: No report.

*List: No report.

*A&S: Dancing practice is ongoing, but not a lot of formal A&S.  

General business:

*Brian dorcha au Conaill has been appointed Goutte d’Eau.  He can be contacted for assistance with Heraldry queries.

*A request for funds to make new Baronial cushions was received.  A budget of $150 was approved.

*The Limmers & Painters next guild meeting will be held on the 3rd Saturday in October.

*The next Middle Eastern Guild meeting will be in October also.

*St Barts wished to borrow hospit gear for their feast on 28th August, to be collected from Vandal’s.  They were also after banners which the Baron & Baroness will take to the event.

Meeting closed at 8.36