July 2010

By   July 29, 2010


Stormhold Officers Meeting – Monday, 26th July 2010

Start: 8.00

Present: Helen, Antonia, Alliette, Hanbal, Clemens, Gilligan, Celsa, Sara, Elayne, Miriam Galbraith, Miriam bat Shimeon, Meadhbh.

Apologies: Thorfinn, Asfridhr, Brodhir, Aine, Ute, Rodrigo.

Previous minutes tabled and accepted without amendment.

Business arising:

William Marshal- Thorfin to steward, with Sara as feastocrat, assisted by Genna & Antonia.

Timeline weekend: Hanbal attended the meeting. It was decided that the Barony would not participate however it was to be promoted to the populace.


As few Officers attended the meeting there were only two reports-

Herald: There have been a number of submissions.

Domhnall was congratulated on becoming Rocket.

Chronicler: Stormscroll is happening.

General Business:

Timeline fair.  21 & 22 November. Traders invited to participate. Not the same space limitations as MMFT. Equestrian events, including Jousting.   

St Bart’s 25th anniversary is mid 2011. Clemens is interested in running an event to celebrate that may incorporate Winter Feast. It was agreed that she follow up on this.

Celsa spoke of the annual Lyos picnic to be held in November at Mt Franklin.  A date is to be confirmed as the 21st had been mooted but that is the weekend of the Timeline event.

Hanbal spoke of a collegia weekend he has in mind to run.  This would be mid to late 2011 and would include all the Arts including combat.  The Kingdom fund to assist with the costs of having people travel to run classes could be utilized.

Caravanserai: bookings slow but all going well.

The Seneschal of Krae Glas requested assistance with a demo at the Armageddon Expo on the 16th & 17th October.  Further info was requested as Krae Glas has an event that weekend.

Maison del Mar advised of a working bee to be held on 21st August in preparation for the 2011 Camping Expedition.  All who could were encouraged to attend.

Meeting closed 8.50