May 2010

By   May 29, 2010

Stormhold Officers Meeting

Minutes, Monday 24 May 2010.

Start 8.00 PM


Gilligan, Antonia, Ute, Alliette, Miriam Galbraith, Wolfram, Genna, Brodhir, Miriam bat Shimeon,


Thorfin, Aine, Domhnall

Previous minutes:

Minutes from the last meeting tabled and accepted.

Business arising:

Hospit: A query was raised as to why hospit was to be moved from Footscray to Clifton Hill prior to Winter Feast and it was decided that this move should not occur before the event.

Line Marshall for Archery at Monthly Bash was not needed on the day as archery did not occur.

Winter Feast bookings are going well.

Painters & Limmers moved from 2nd Sunday at Baron & Baroness’ open day to 3rd Sunday, 20 June, at Antonia’s.



All is well.


All is well.  Constable must step down for 4 – 6 weeks. Two experienced deputy constables will step up during this rime.

Six month cards: There are 27 Mondays in the six months, July to December. Purchase of a card to cover Fighter practice/craft hall for this period will be $70; this is a saving of $11.  Cards for July to December 2010 can be purchased on a Monday evening.  Direct deposit is available if preferred.

Cards for the six months – January to June 2011 – will be available in December.


There is now children’s clothing in the hospit gear thanks to the efforts of the Hospitaller.  There was a $50 donation made by the birthday party family, with thanks for a most enjoyable day.


Quarterly report submitted. There have been no authorisations or re-authorisations in the last month.  There have been few injuries, which have been reported through the proper channels, all is going well.

The change to Monday night is in place to the end of the Soccer season as all other nights are taken up with soccer training. The cost is $300 – not sure of the time this covers.  The hall has been cleaner over the last few weeks.  There was a lock missing but a call to council had this promptly rectified.  The council appears pleased with our tenancy.   Rodrigo to follow up on lock for cupboard.


The reeve stressed the need for invoices to be submitted after events to support the costs of the event.

At the end of April the balance is very healthy.

Bill for John Gardner Reserve received for the period January to April.  Clifton Hill hall to be paid.  Storage in Footscray has been paid to July.

Kingdom levy has been paid.  Quarterly report has been submitted.

The City of Yarra has yet to return the $1000 deposit for the Edinburgh Gardens after William Marshall.


Stormscroll happening.  Deputy Chronicler, Clemens, is helping greatly..


There is not a lot of formal A&S occurring at the moment apart from the Dancing on a Thursday evening..


No report.


No Reprt


No report


General Business

Thrones: Brodhir is repairing old Thrones

Adam is working on new thrones, he apologises that they are not finished but hopes to have them ready by Winter Feast.

The Baron & Baroness will have their thrones at the feast also, Brodhir & Aine have chairs that can be used.

Arrowsreach have asked to borrow sunshades and thrones for the Queen’s High Tea.  This was approved.

A treaty to be negotiated – a non aggression pact – with Arrowsreach. Through Drogo.

Baronial project day in June to be cancelled as Baron & Baroness to be attending Great Northern War.

Wolfram has requested funds to put together 2 or 3 rapier kits to make rapier more accessible and encourage more participation.  Wolfram is to research the costs involved, and will also look at putting a fencing resources kit together to be listed on the Stormhold website.   All items in the fencing kits & resources kit to be marked.

The Middle Eastern Dancing Guild’s inaugural meeting had 3 attendees.  Another will be held within 2 months & will be a costuming day.

A Middle Eastern feast is to be held in August, a small event of 40-50 people with an Ottoman theme. Vandal suggested the All Saints Church hall in Hawthorn.     

Gilligan called for people to make a team to do battle at the Queen’s High Tea.  He also said day was to have a lot of pageantry.

Vandal invited everybody to Sydney in September to an event for which he is the autocrat. He further moved that Hanbal buy everyone inc-cream.  This was carried unanimously.