April 2010

By   April 26, 2010

Minutes April 2010.

Stormhold Officers Meeting

Minutes, Monday 26 April 2010.

Start 8.00 PM


Hanbal, Ute, Miriam Galbraith, Elayne, Brodhir, Aine, Rodrigo, Antonia, Alliette, Domhnall, Clemence, Gilligan, Hrothgar, Meadhbh.


Miriam bat Shimeon, Thorfin, Genna

Previous minutes:

Minutes from the last meeting tabled and accepted.

Business arising:




All is well.


Fighting is happening without incident.  All is well.


All is well.


No report


No report.


No report.


No Reprt


There has been a donation of a knife block & knives.  There has been only 1 request for garb.


Stormscroll happening.  There is now a Deputy Chronicler, Clemence.


The ceremonies book is being updated, Domhnall to have discussions with the Baron & Baroness for more information.

Still waiting on some awards given during previous Baronial term.


General Business

To enable archery to happen at May Bash a line marshall is required as the Baroness will have many other duties on the day: Gilligan volunteered his services.

Fighter training well attended on Mondays though it clashes with Arrowsreach.  Soccer training on Tuesday ends at 8.30 so fighter training permanently moved to Mondays.

A call to be made for volunteers to move hospit from Footscray storage unit to Clifton Hill hall.

Rodrigo to follow up on change of lock on cupboard.

Hanbal to talk to Hund about meeting clash.

Mid-winter: 29 have booked plus the Righ & Banrigh.

Hrothgar reports: the hall needs to be paid for.  There will be tourneys in the afternoon including heavy, rapier & bocce.

People should be thinking about how they will decorate their table.

There will be benches for hire or plastic chairs available or bring your own.

If you wish to learn how to run a kitchen you could speak to Ava.

If you wish to learn how to run an event you could speak to Hrothgar.  Both are happy to help.

Painters & Limmers; There has been interest in meetings, with a preference for private houses on weekends.  The first meeting is to be held at the Baron & Baroness’ May open house, 15th May.  Table decorations will be the topic.

There will be a theatre night to see Robin Hood in Sunbury at the 9pm show on Saturday 29th May in garb.  See Hanbal for details.