March 2010

By   March 8, 2010

Minutes March 2010.

Stormhold Officers Meeting

Minutes, Tuesday 23 March 2010.

Start 8.10 PM


Hanbal, Ute, Thorfinn, Genna, Wolfram, Mikhaila, Miriam Galbraith, Brodhir, Aine, Rodrigo, Antonia, Alessandra, Alliette, Domhnall, Miriam bat Shimeon, Meadhbh.



Previous minutes:

Minutes from the last meeting not tabled.

Business arising:




All is well.


There have been no authorisations but a number of re-authorisations.

A fridge & vac have been donated, thanks to Saras mother.

Council has been asked about the cost of the hall but there has been no response. They have also been asked about a lock for the store room.

A program has been organised for specialist trainers to attend fighter training.

The quality of Stormholds arrows has been questioned.


Baroness Ute to call for a deputy. Constable:

All is well.

There is some lost property, if you have lost something please see the Constable.

Working on cards for payment of fighter training fees.


Stormhold has a healthy balance. Paid for Nth Fitzroy hall till endof June.

Paid for tokens – $750.

Surveying Expedition finalised & balnces.


No report.


The website is still working.


Nothing new.


Stormscroll happening.

General Business

The Chess Tourney was enjoyed by all. It is envisaged that it will become an annual event.

Viv is looking into business cards.

May Bash is happening.

Mid-winter, Ava & Hrothgar are stewarding

A new lock is needed for the store room, Rodrigo is following this up. Footscray storage is paid till end of July.

Aine & Brodhir attended a highland gathering in Geelong. Discussion was held as to the possibility of holding demos at such events, either Geelong, or the Celtic festival in Beechworth for example. It was suggested that, without being able to offer a local functional support base, it would not be productive as a recruiting exercise.

Meeting closed 8.45