February 2010

By   February 2, 2010

Stormhold Officers Meeting

Minutes, Tuesday 2 February 2010.

Start 8 PM


Hanbal, Ute, Thorfinn, Frida, Genna, Miriam, Brodhir, Aine, Sara, Rodrigo, Meadhbh.


Hrothgar, Alliette

Previous minutes:

Minutes from the last meeting accepted.

Business arising:

New comers is to be a pot luck on South Lawn at Melbourne University on 5/3/10. There is a $200 grant available from the university for events held within 2 weeks of O week. Hanbal to follow up Gilligan,

O week demo; Gindi has it in hand.

Halls; we have use of Coulson reserve for 6 mths with a probation ending in March. Ongoing use of the facility and costs will be discussed then. Rodrigo to place an SCA sign at the entrance to direct new comers. Discussion was had regarding a new lock for the cupboard, the outcome being to wait till we have ongoing use of the facility.

Storage: The storage unit in Footscray is to be paid until July. There is a cupboard available in the rooms at Coulson reserve, however as it is keyed the same as the doors a new lock would be an advantage.

Tokens: have been cast and some delivered.

Picnic : Coming along nicely,.



All is well, reports are due by 15 February.

Marshal; The Earl Marshal wishes a report regarding the occurrence at December monthly bash.

Coulsen reserve has possibilities including a shower and storage, however the field lights must be off by 9.30 and the council require a barrier around the list field.

War training is to be resumed, also archery training. People will be invited to training over a number of weeks to share there expertise.

Our Baroness and Marshal are to formulate a plan in regards too supervision of children at events.



A mix up of bows occurred at the camping expedition involving a left & right handed bow of similar make and look. Other than that all is fine.


Stormhold has a healthy balance. Reeve asked if anyone running an event to please submit a budget.

Surveying Expedition made a profit.


A lot of A&S is happening around the Barony but not at formal A&S meetings. The Thursday nights at North Fitzroy are mainly dancing, with Belly dancing starting.


The website is still working. Please dont forget the Google calendar.


Hospitaler is undertaking some running repairs on hospit gear. There is a need for boys and mens garb, though all donations gratefull.

Thank you to Baron Hanbal and Baroness Ute for the donations of garb.

General Business

Fletching Jig. It was proposed and agreed that a 6 flight Fletching Jig be purchased through Krae Glass who are placing an order.

It was proposed and agreed to have a 6 monthly members pass for regular events, such as Tuesday nights and Monthly Bash to negate the need for weekly fee.

It was re-iterated that event organisers must submit a budget as part of their proposal. This is to help with the balancing of accounts. To aid organisers of events it was decided that the Exchequer event/budget form be included in every other Stormscroll. This would alternate with a copy of the membership form.

The Seneschal was asked to follow up with other Baronies and the Kingdom Marshal about using members property for events.

Meeting closed 9.30