Stormhold Knight Marshal

Marshal badge
The Knight Marshal is a position of great importance in the Barony, with oversight over all martial activities that occur within the Barony. Applicants are required:

  • To be members of the Society,
  • Be of good standing.
  • Have an interest in the Arts Martial.

You DO NOT NEED to be an authorised Marshal to hold this office.

Should you attain this position you would be expected to be responsible for the following duties.


  • Oversee the martial activities of the Barony
  • Report to the Earl Marshal (Kingdom level officer)
  • Liaise with other members of the local Society Marshallate
  • Attend Stormhold Baronial Council meetings
  • Report monthly to the Stormhold Seneschal and Quarterly to to Earl Marshal
  • Be able to Read and Write the English Language


  • Coordinate authorisations, tournaments and incident reports
  • Foster good behaviour on the list field
  • Appoint a Deputy Marshal
  • Work with the Royal Representatives
  • Work alongside the other Baronial officers
  • Other tasks as directed or identified

Benefits to the Successful applicant:

  • Have you finger on the pulse of local Marshal activities,
  • Be one of the ”In Crowd”,
  • Obtain secret Knowledge only available to Baronial Officers.
  • Hone bureaucratic skills,
  • Higher Social Status,
  • Be respected by all Society. (Maybe)

More information about the role of the Knight Marshal is here –

If you have questions or think that you have what it takes to fill this valuable and rewarding position please contact the Seneschal to discuss your application.