Chess Challenge IX

When 17th March, 2018, from 11am-5pm.
Where Harleston Park, Seymour Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3185
Steward Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon, miriam (dot) staples(at) gmail (dot) com
This is an uncapped pot luck picnic with tourney. The two local Baronies of Stormhold and Krae Glas will challenge each other on the Chess and Tourney fields!

Rules for the heavy tourney are-
Single kill (excepts where there is a round variation) double elimination with the rounds to be fought as follows:
Round 1 – Pawns: Everyone to fight with sharpened sticks (6′ thrusting spears will be provided- please bring gauntlets)
Round 2 – Knights: Counted Blows- the victor delivers three good blows to their opponent, arms and legs are not lost.
Round 3 – Bishops: Maces (provided) and shields.
Round 4 – Rooks: Single handed sword and large shield (Scuta provided) for defense.
Round 5 – Queens: Queens are the best protected and each combatant fights with two guardsmen drawn at random, fight to end with the death of the “queen”. Repeated until two finalists have been chosen.
At which point:
Final Round – Kings: the two finalists lead half of the day’s combatants against each other in a team melee until the death of a “king”. To be fought best two of three!

The rapier tourney will follow that same format as the last few years.

If you have any questions or require billeting, please email me on

Facebook has the same details

Catering and Booking Please be aware that this is a pot-luck picnic (bring a plate).

Bookings not required.

Cost Adult members $6

Adult non-members $11

Child member $3

Child non-member $8