Monthly Bash


Due to resurfacing works, John Gardiner Reserve will be unavailable for the month of October. Alternative arrangements have been made – Monthly Bash will be incorporated as part of the Great Southern Gathering in Krae Glas. Details here.

A regular fixture of the Stormhold calendar, Monthly Bash is a day filled with medieval fun of all sorts. Comprising of heavy and rapier tournaments, archery practice (marshals depending) and members of the populace pursuing their own interests – singing, sewing, dancing and much more. Some months may have a particular theme or special activity, and there’s always something going on. This is a garbed event, and loaner gear is generally available.


Day First Sunday of the Month
Time 1pm to 5pm
Location John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn. Melways 59 F3
 Bring It depends what you want to do – projects to work on, armour/protective gear if you wish to fight, and a picnic lunch is always pleasant.
Cost Members – by donation
Non-members – $5 insurance surcharge


Year-long Arts and Sciences competition

The Arts and Sciences officer of Stormhold, The Honourable Lord Benedict of York, has instituted a competition to run at Monthly Bash throughout the year (2018 AD, covering bits of AS LII and AS LIII).
Details are as follows:

What are you working on?
This question is more of a category title than an actual question. This year I want to see some big ongoing projects. And every month we will hold mini competitions based on progress, with the aim to crown the overall winner with a complete project in December.
There are no restrictions to this. I want to celebrate the diversity and broad spectrum of what the arts and sciences encompasses. So think big. Think outside the box, or not, it’s up to you. An individual piece or many smaller pieces that end up as a completed project.

So this starts now! Go! get started. Our overall competition will judge planning, research and goals and progress. To be eligible for the grand prize you have to enter a minimum of 4 mini events over the year and be able to show the progress of your project.

I understand that things can complicated so I will keep an open mind in regards to how and what is being judged.
So please have patience and respect for others and their projects. We are all here to have fun and learn.

I cannot wait to see what the Barony can do in a year.

On behalf of your friendly neighbourhood Arts and Sciences officer, Lord Benedict of York.