UPDATE: March Monthly Bash will be at St. Monica’s


As part of Monash O-week, the Barony of Stormhold will be holding March Monthly Bash at Monash University. The date is the 1st of March, 2015.

There has been an area booked for Bash. It will be from 1-5pm on 16 Rainforest Walk, which was formally known as Building 25. There is a bit of room available, specifically a courtyard and foyer of the building.

This is a detailed pdf of the Monash Uni map,  http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/maps/3-Claytoncolour.pdf, and below is an annotated map showing the tourney and parking locations. Red, yellow, and blue parking areas are not restricted on weekends.

There is room for a tourney field. This way a tourney can be held. However, the tourney field will need a constable (to sign in the fighters so they are under SCA insurance), a list keeper to run the tourney and marshals. If anyone is able to offer help, please email me on miriam dot staples at gmail dot com. I have the two marshal sticks and the tourney poles and rope. I will bring those along.

This is a demo- please bring something shiny that you are happy to talk about with people. Silk banners can be put up too.

If you have any questions, please email miriam dot staples at gmail dot com.

Annotated map showing parking and Bash location


 Regular Monthly Bash Details (all months other than March, 2015)

Day First Sunday of the Month
Time 1pm to 5pm
Location John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn. Melways 59 F3
A regular fixture of the Stormhold calendar, Monthly Bash is a day filled with medieval fun of all sorts.Comprising of a heavy tournament, rapier combat and archery practice (marshals depending) and members of the populace pursuing their own interests – singing, sewing, dancing and much more. Some months may have a particular theme or special activity, and there’s always something going on.This is a garbed event, and loaner gear is generally available.
 Bring It depends what you want to do Рprojects to work on, armour/protective gear if you wish to fight, and a picnic lunch is always pleasant.
Cost Members – by donation
Non-members – $5 insurance surcharge


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