Awards given at Mid-Winter Ball 2017

By   July 25, 2017

The following good gentles were granted awards at the Mid Winter Ball, Stormhold, 2017.

  • Baronial Commendation awarded to Prafen Schoredorf, known also as Checkers of Stormhold.
  • Baronial Commendation awarded to Wynnflæd æt West-Seaxum
  • Baronial Cypher awarded to Dafydd of the Glens
  • Dame  Miriam Galbraith was given her physical Goutte de Pearl token; Dame  Miriam having been awarded Goutte de Pearl previously.

Also, four new members of the populous attending their first (or second) garbed event were given Hoods of Warmth; these gentles are Phillip, Clare, Runa, and Cheryl.

Congratulations to our new award recipients,  and may the recipients of Hoods of Warmth wear them warmly as part of our Barony.

 Goutte d’ Eau Wynnflæd æt West-Seaxum